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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding...I know I know

I'm jumping on the proverbial horse-drawn carriage because I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF ANY LONGER. 

I could barely sleep last night.  The excitement was just buzzing through me. Mr. ST came home at 4:00 to find me still in bed.  He was shocked.  But a few minutes later I was out of bed and glued to the 'telly'.  I made myself some tea too. 

 Yes I really got up this early to watch all the shenanigans.  :-)

 The tea unfolds in the hot water... YUM!

It's rather delicious.  Mr. ST even joined me for a bit to oogle over all the hats and fascinators.  Kidding.  He did join me for about 10 minutes before he made some cheeky remark and went to bed. 

Ok, I'm going to just write....

The Dress Secret - I'm glad that it's been kept a secret.  It's special, I wouldn't want my future husband to know about it just because the media are nosy buggers.

The Avenue of Trees....I mean, really?  I see how it makes the Abbey more "rustic" and brings in a sense of "country garden" but it's sort of silly.  Then I think about how insistent I am about my centerpieces and I'm glad the couple have gone with this detail.

The Hats - Oh SWOON.  I wish hats were more popular in the states.  I love them.  I want to wear a fascinator every day.  The artistry, the drama, the colors, feathers, flowers, dangling bobs and ribbons. I could continue on and on.

William - He just arrived at the Abbey.  My first thought - wow he's balding something fierce.  Then I realized that was a bit 'naughty' to think like that.  He looks so calm, happy, and ready to begin his life with his love. Drooooool.  Swooooon. 

Carol Middleton - What a lovely mother of the bride.  Her greyish-blue outfit was stunning.  It was a designer that Princess Diana wore often.  Brought a small tear to my eye. 

The Queen - She's wearing YELLOW!  Go Queenie!  What a strong color for her to wear on this special day - so happy.  I hear that wearing pastels is "traditional" for wedding wear in England.

Tradition - To hear that Kate will not be using the 'obey' in her vows makes her all the more dear to me.  I understand the marriage is a union, but it's an equal union now.  I vaguely remember hearing what the vows are late last night, but I cannot recall now.

KATE!!! There are lace sleeeeeeeeeves. Oh, how delicate and lovely.  How slow the car is moving.  I would be so anxious to get there!  MOVE ALONG driver - I want to get married!!! She is so elegant and modest -two traits I have in small quantities.  I can almost hear the screaming and jolly good time across the pond.  The dainty tiara is perfect for her, and her hair is half up and half down - I wish she wore it all up!  Alexander McQueen!  Perfect. 

Oh....just lovely.  She is so beautiful, so timeless.  She is very Grace Kelly.  I am loving the GRIP she has on her daddy's hand.  All smiles - oh swoon.  Pippa is so beautiful too and in all white! 

I cannot wait to see William's face when he sees Kate... that's my favorite part of the wedding ceremony.  I do have to make it a point to make sure someone gets a picture of Mr. ST when I first step out.  It's such a lovely moment.  He didn't turn around!!!  Harry did, and made some cheeky remark I'm sure based on the smirk on his face.

Too much singing for me.  Get this ceremony started! From what I understand, the "you may now kiss the bride" is an American tradition.  There was some speculation that the couple would include it...I wonder.

Not gonna lie, I did cry just a wee bit when they said their vows.  So lovely. The crowd cheering outside was fabulous. 

Kate's brother is a fantastic reader.  His inflection and tone are magnificent and he is reading at a lovely speed too.  Just my two cents from an English teacher nerd.

I love the little looks they are giving each other and smiling.  They really and truly love each other.  SO SWEET. 

I've been speechless for the last hour.  It's been amazing to watch all this pomp and fan fair going about. I'm just waiting for the kiss on the balcony.  <3

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Painted Rug

I've been at it again today.  My plans got changed and I ended up with some free time so I tackled a project I've been DYING to get to all month.

I follow the super amazing blog UCreate and each month they have a "Craft with Me" project.  This month was PAINTED RUGS.  The pictures she posts are amazing.  Swoon-worthy craftiness all over rugs.

I knew I wanted to get my craft on and paint a rug, but I was also alarmed by the thought of PAINTING A RUG.  lol.

I didn't take any before pictures because I didn't really know how it would turn out, but here's the finished project:

I took the grimy, old rug that was in the house when me moved in and painted it the color of our living room. HAHA Mr. ST I got my own set of tools out, opened the gallllllon of paint, painted a rug and YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I DID IT! :-P

I used my Cricut to cut out the flip flop template and I pined it to the rug to keep it in place.  I then used a cheap-o foam brush and stenciled in the flops with some regular old craft paint.
I also used the Cricut to cut out the Welcome letters from the Life's a Beach Cartridge.

The rug was missing something so I also added some starfish that, again, I cut out with the Cricut.

This was a RIDICULOUSLY easy craft and one that EVERYONE can do.  

I can hear what you're thinking... 'Great, amazing, fabulous rug and all, but this has nothing to do with weddings...' YOU ARE WRONG!  Think about painting a personalized RUG to use in the ceremony, or for the reception during cocktail hour.  SWWWOOOOONING.  I've got some Wedding Rug Ideas already flowing! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Running, or gasping for breath while flailing my arms hopelessly

I hate running, no I loathe it.  Running in an evil exercise that is designed to make the majority of the population feel inadequate. 
                                                     Ewwww. Running. Eewwww

Now Mr.ST loves to run.  He still holds some records at his high school for the track team. Welll... GOOOOD FOOOOR YOU!!!

Needless to say, he convinced me that we should do a 5k a few years ago.  I agreed and found a great program to download and follow online.  We went to the gym all the time and I was psyched to do my first real "run" with him.  The week before the race I was at the gym one Saturday morning and I went through my usual routine.  I love to stretch, so I was enjoying streching after the run and POP.  Something in my right hip just went wrong.  I cried and almost coudln't get up.  I made it home and had intense pain for about a week and finally went to the doctors. 

At first I was just given cortizone shots.  That didn't help.  Then came an MRI and it was confirmed I had a severe case of Bursitis in my hip.  GREAT.  Physical therapy followed and all that really gave me was a permanent bruise on my hip. Gross.

 According to SportsLink this is what Bursitis is:

Hip bursitis

What is Hip bursitis?

Hip bursitis is a common problem that causes pain over the outside of the upper thigh. A bursa is a fluid filled sac that allows smooth motion between two uneven surfaces. For example, in the hip, a bursa rests between the bony prominence over the outside of the hip (the greater trochanter) and the firm tendon that passed over this bone. When the bursal sac becomes inflamed, each time the tendon has to move over the bone, pain results. Because patients with hip bursitis move this tendon with each step, hip bursitis symptoms can be quite painful.

                                                              's not fun

It still hurts 2 years later.  I still have time when it pops and aches and is painful.  It's not something easy to make up either.  You can tell right when I walk if it's a good or bad day.  There is also a permanent "bump" on my hip where the main pain comes from.  I've finally gotten back to walking almost everyday and riding my bike is enjoyable again. 

So, my point.  Bridesmaid TM and I were G-chatting today.  I had just gotten done a walk/very small jog and she had jogged earlier in the am.  We started chatting about the 5K program and how much we liked it and eventually decided we MUST do a 5k in October some time.  I am all in. She is all in, and BM CV is all in too! YAY!

I told her I would train and work at it but it may take me some time because of how careful I need to be with running and my hip.

The bursitis also makes walking in heels uncomfortable - yay for heels at the wedding.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Funday Quilt and Easter Wrap-up

So I've been a bit light on the postings this week.  It was spring break and you all heard about the drama when bridesmaid LC came to visit (dog pee + cell phone + washing machine = too much drama). Plus I had an unscheduled AMAZING craft-outside-weather-day and painted my wedding shoes which turned out AWESOME. 

I finished some last minute Easter crafts, and I've also been busy finishing up craft projects for my FSIL's baby shower this coming weekend.  So here they are:

Up first, some mixed media Easter bunting and fleece PEEPS! I had seen the Fleece Peeps at Dandelions and Lace and decided I MUST do them for Easter gifts.  The first one turned out not so great, so it went to Matron on Honor NM's two huskies (who I love sosososososo much). 

This is Bandit.  He's my favorite.  Kiera would not sit still long enough for me to take a picture.
 He was enjoying the bunny.  It's hard to see, but it was a hot mess of a bunny.  Yuck.
 After some adjustments and various sewing techniques I got that little Peep done.  I only made two - one for my mom and one for my Grandmother. 
Next: the bunting.  It was easy - I used my Chick Peep template and the bunny one from Dana MADE it Both patterns here.  I added two plastic eggs that I covered with various materials. Then a paper fan and a saying I cut out with the trusty Cricut.
 These eggs were my favorite - covered with BUTTONS!!!

Onnnn to the Quilt.  This was a labor of love for my future niece.  I had started to knit a blanket and then scrapped the idea because it just wasn't good enough. So I was back to square one.  I was going through my stash, saw some of this material together and was inspired. 

I like when Quilts are three-dimensional.  Babies especially like this because it's like built-in toys to play with.  So I added fleece butterflies and crushed velvet yo-yo style flowers.
Finished quillllllt!!!
Close up of the yo-yo style flowers.  Mr. ST's mom gave me a large tin of buttons a few years ago.  They belonged to Mr. ST's Bachi (grandmother in polish) and he was SUPER close with her.  I decided to use the bottons on the flowers to share something of Bachi's with our future niece Gabby. 
Three dimensional butterflies.
I am very happy with the way it turned out.  I hope that my FSIL likes it too.  It's just the right size to go in the crib, plus it's pillow topped so it's UBER warm and snuggly. 

I just wanted to share one more craft - my mom made everyone Easter themed flower yo-yos.

I chose the one on the left - with the blue background and the light blueish button.  Good job Mom!!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter and Spring Break!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shoes Part 2

You may remember when I posted about my intentions for my wedding shoes in Shoes Part 1.  Well today was an unexpectedly beautiful, perfect-weather-for-crafting-outside kind of day.  I took advantage and pushed other projects back and broke out the shoes.

Here are my supplies:
Trial pair of shoes from thrift store, paint (dye), old, thin paint brushes, my Kate Spade prescription sunglasses (tres chic), and my Wedding shoes <3

I had done a test on the thirft store shoes to determine the color dye I liked best and that would be closest to teal.  Each dye was close, but which one would be best?

Dye number one: A bit tooooo green.  Especially out in the sunlight. Eek!

Dye number two: waaaaay too light blue, carribean sea color.  DOUBLE EEEEK!
After I ate a fruitcup for some thinking power I realized I could MIX THE COLORS TO GET A BETTER COLOR! GOOOOOOO ME!!!! (I also reused my fruit cup as my mixing bowl)

This is MUCH better.  I even test some crystals on it to make sure it would work out well.  Per-Fec-To.
I started with the "sides" and worked around the straps and down towards to the toes.  Then I started on the heel. I worked the two shoes simultaneously so if there needed to be more dye made/mixed it would be the same "shade" on each of the same parts.  It made perfect sense to complete it this way in my head.
Shoe ONE is DONE!  And in under two hours!  Gooooo meeeee!
Shoes TWO is complete!  YAY!!!
I even worked inside on where my toesies will go.  It was painstakingly awkward, but I still managed to do it.
Artistic Shoe Picture
Ta-Da! Self-dyed Shoes!  I am so happy with how they turned out and am SUPER excited to begin shopping around for crystals!  I know the next step with the glue will not be fun, but I cannot WAIT to get my shoes completed and to practice wearing them around the house!

Overall, this project was fairly simple.  I didn't tape off sections of the shoes or worry if I got some on the sole.  I used a paper towel and some spit to get it off.  Worked wonderfully.  I recommend this dye to anyone - it was easy to use and didn't have an overwhelming smell.  I got mine at ACMoores but I noticed the other day they didn't have any in the store.  You can order it online from the maker too.  My advice: Don't be afriad to tackle a shoe DIY!  It was fun! 

What do you think so far?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazy Craftiness!

I've been featured over at Dollar Store Crafts for my Monday Funday Peeps where I made the Peeps with recycled grocery store bags.

I have followed the Dollar Store Crafts blog for some time and swoon over almost EVERY project they post.  I had the guts  craziness to submit my project and they posted it!  I was so very flattered because everything they post is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Go check them out - I promise you will be inspired by all the amazing things they post.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have always swooned over personalized return address stamps.  I started to look into them, and when I saw the price, gave up my lusty quest. Until today...

Go here to enter to contest over at the ever amazing all things thrifty blog. 

:-) I've had a blast designing stamp after stamp!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh my

I'm being a bad blogger.   I'm just going to give a hint as to what the last few days have been like...

Friend LC got here.  She brought her Yorkie.

Yorkie peed allll over my sweatshirt.  Peel off shirt and put in washer right away trying to be proactive.

A few minutes go by and I realize... hmph, where is my cellll phone...???

Run frantically to washer and retrieve swiiiimming phone from washer.

Put it in rice for three days.

Still definitely dead. :-( (mayyyybe there is an IPhone in my future... that was also Blackberry number 4.  Yes 4.)

Play card game with Mr. ST and some of his friends that night.  Lose every had for the first 5 times.  Drown in all the beer I must finish.  Give LC her bridesmaid card.  Lots of hugs.

Drunkenly clean the bathroom at 1 am. (I thought it was a SUPER good idea and I was extremely chatty so Mr. ST thought it would be a great way to keep me busy so he could go to sleep.)

Hungover and attend Mr. ST's family Easter.  Burn hand on oven trying to help cook. 

That's been an up and down 36ish type hours.  We are planning to go to the beach today and make some sand crafts and possibly going to see some wedding dresses.  Hope everyone had a better weekend. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I KNOW What Town!! - Or why I hate Geography

I am by no means a geographer.  I don't do well reading maps and even with a GPS device I still get lost.   I have ZERO sense of direction.  I kept this deep, dark, humiliating secret for a long time.  I was very good at smiling blankly while rising panic would break me out into a cold sweat pretending I could mentally picture where locations were in my head. 

My dark secret erupted with Miami and the Golden Gate Bridge...

One night in Myrtle Beach, adults had been enjoying beverages, kids (there were 6 of us - and I say kids but I, being the oldest, was in college haha).  Jokes were flying, some adult mumbled, slurred, and bumbled his way through San Francisco.  Everyone began laughing, there were jokes and jokes.  A while later someone asked a questions about the where the Golden Gate Bridge was located.  I was try to be clever/quick/smart ass-like (another not strong suit of mine) so I blurted out MIAMI!  Everyone stopped.  The room got quiet and everyone just stared.  Then the cracks started to about my lack of geography knowledge. 

The second great incident came one time at home with my mom.  There was a bad storm coming up the east coast.  She said it was by the mountains in the Carolinas/Virginia.  I reply, "Oh the Rockies..."  My mom just stared at me.  Noooo she said.  The Appalacians.  I fail. 

Why all this back story? 

Because I'm paranoid about knowing where a place is and I make sure that I double, if not triple check an address so I am 100% sure. 

This leads me to this afternoon.  I sent Mr. ST the "first draft" of the invitation suite.  I asked him to proof-read them because I feared I spent too much time with them to spot any mistakes. Mr. ST replies right away, "There is a big mistake on the invitation itself."  SCCCCCRREEEEECH.  Say WHAT?!?!

Me: "Um...where?"  Mr.ST: "The church is not in X Town Beach.  It's in R Town Beach,"  I sighed dramatically.  Of all the things to bring up he really doubts I didn't look this address up repeatedly to make sure I was correct?  Commmmmon now. 
Me: "I understand that it is in RTown Beach.  I checked three, yes three separate websites and each said that the church address was in XTown Beach.  I understand that may not make sense, but three websites said it.  I also went to a map online and manually located the church to make sure I as correct,"  (I told you I'm paranoid now). 
Mr. ST: "It is by no means anywhere near XTown Beach.  That town is 100 blocks away.  The websites were wrong.  It is most certainly in RTownBeach."
We continued to scream at each other disagree over the phone about the location.  We agreed to disagree for the time being. Sigh.  I will just have to drive there tomorrow and open the map app (haha it rhymes) on my phone and get the address. 

ARGH.  Geography you are so MEAN to me. 

OH, and there is a Miami, California too!
Are you geographically challenged?  Do you have address fears?  Any funny stories to make me feel better?


548 Days

Five Hundred Fourty Eight Days



Until we get married.  CRAZY.  Super Crazy.  Where have the last 8 months gone? was just August, right?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Invitation to enjoy

I'm crafty (duh) and I like paper.  I also like sparkly items and our theme is romantic beachy.  I've touched on the price of invitations that I saw at an expo and I shared with you in that same post the inspiration I had in mind for our pocketfold invites.  We hit a go directly to jail do not pass go incident over fonts with Mr. ST and I disagreeing on what we liked better.  I realized a bit later I forgot to tell you that the part that Mr. ST doesn't like is the "III" after his name (yes he is the third person in his family with the exact same name and I have already discussed with him that there will NOT be a IV).  He doesn't want it too "be too curly and girly looking" and I prefer the more flourished fonts.

So I was back to the drawing board as far as finding a font and working out the wording.  Once I had all that done, I then had to design the RSVP card, the Reception card, the Accommodations card, and the Directions card..... I was feelin' a monstrous amount  bit of pressure. 

I labored for several HOURS to complete the invitation suite,'s DONE.  DONE.  DONE.  I'll give you a sneak-peak at the invite itself.  It's all blurred out as far as the personal information goes, so it's a bit odd looking.  But ta-da:

Yes I labored over finding clip art (for free) and finding a program that would allow me to change the color of it.  I then had to find and create the perfect shade of teal for the wording.  I know, silly details, but I love them.  I am proud of them.  We'll be finalizing all the details and wording very soon then Mr. ST will take those bad boys to be printed for 28 CENTS a sheet - which includes the paper.  YAY!!!!!

Did you design your own?  Get them custom made?  Am I the only crazy bride out there that was this insistent on a particular type of invite? 

Saturday, April 9, 2011


There's a wedding TODAY. 

Not mine, but one that I'm still almost-just-as-excited about: Bridesmaid TMB is getting marrrrrrried. 

So this post is just to say that I am SO exstatic that she has found her someone; her other half, her heart, and her complete companion for the rest of her life.  TMB and BG I love you both SO SO SO SO SO much.  I cannot wait to share in this day with both of you.

Friday, April 8, 2011


I blogged earlier about how I felt a little snubbed by my bestie.  She had dropped off the face of the Earth a short while after we got engaged.  I was hurt and angry.  I also blogged here about how I confronted her and things were on the way up.  It's been a VERY long couple of months, with a very bumpy road,  but things are better. 

It's been an uphill battle to get things back to "normal."  But by all means, things are on the way there.  I guess I just needed to vent this out again, so it's your turn to be good listeners, er, readers and bear with me while I hash this out.  You have been so supportive about this before, I need your support one more time.  Well, one more time right now.  haha. 

Calls have become more regular and texting is building momentum.  There are still moments when I get the impending sense that there is a giant elephant on three way calling just waiting to trumpet during the conversation. 

We were chatting the other day she brought up coming for a visit.  Say whaaaaat?  I was of course, very excited, relieved, exhilarated, happy - all of it!  She planned out the visit so it would be spring break at school and I would be off from work.  Perrrrfecto. 

We ironed out some details: like her bringing her tea cup Yorkie with her (blechhhh for a very bad dog) and joining Mr. ST and I with his family for an early Easter.  She then mentioned going with me to see some bridal dresses and maybe visit our venue and church.  Everything was happpppy happpy happpy....

When I got off the phone I began to feel guilty.  Guilty for not having asked her to be in the bridal party yet.  Guilty for not sharing all the details of the wedding all the time.  Guilty for not telling her about this blog.  Guilty for writing posts that vented my feelings. 
                                                      I had a larrrrge amount of guilt. 

Why?!  Why was I so guilty?  I had gotten engaged.  I had not started a war, picked a fight, or said mean things.  Why was I THE ONE FEELING ALL THIS GUILT??? I talked with Mr. ST and he was his usual super amazing self.  He helped me realize that I had nothing to be guilty for.  I have all intentions of asking her to be in the bridal party when she comes to visit.  I also made the appointments for us to go play with dresses.  We're also planning on inviting over a few friends so she can see people she hasn't seen in a while. 

So.... this leaves us at waiting.  We texted last night to smooth out a few more details.  We're supposed to chat Sunday - so fingers crossed. 

Am I over-reacting?  You have been so helpful and supportive through this so far.  Any advice?  Anything wedding related you think I should plan for us to do?  Thanks!!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shoes Part 1

I love shoes.  All sorts of shoes:

flip flops - the official footwear of the beach living crowd.

I even love sneakers... but only for exercise. lol. 

When it came time to think about my wedding outfit, I was most excited about the shoes.  I knew I wanted something different: a shoe in color.  I know this has become a very popular "thing" to do, but I had this idea quiet a few years ago and I was determined to go with it.

I had some criteria in mind:

  • higher than a 2.5" heel
  • preferably peep-toe
  • ankle strap and or strap of some sort for stability
  • Teal-ish color
  • enough time to break them in so I can wear them all day
  • don't want to break the bank

I began searching...

and searching.  Originally I thought I would go the designer route and finally buy a pair of Jimmy Choos, or Christian Louboutin heels.  The more and more I thought, the more I realized that wasn't really what I was envisioning.  I was envisioning this:

But in blue....

I knew I could also take this on myself.  So I began looking for the shoes that I could then crystallize.  My mom and I ran into a David's Bridal over the weekend.  There was a pair for about $60 that I liked and met almost all my requirements.  Mom was digging around the clearance section as I stomped around trying the shoes on.  She uncovered a box, in my size, almost identical to the ones I had on...but they were $25.00.  Um, HELLO?! YES PLEASE!!!!  They are great.  I'm going to be dying them in the next week or so and I'll be sure to picture the entire process!  SO EXCITED!

Did you have any shoe adventures?  Are you DIYing your shoes too?  Were you just as excited about your shoes - or is it just me? lol.