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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Funday

In order to keep myself "sane", grounded and somewhat wedding-free (har-har Mr. ST is laughing hysterically at that) I'm going to share things on Mondays that are not related to my wedding planning adventures. Wedding planning can be great, but sometimes it isn't all that - fun. So Funday Monday was born.

I had this great posting idea on a craft I recently made for my future niece (<3 Gabby) and another on onesies I made for an upcoming baby shower....

Howeeeever, yours truly recently cleaned the memory on my digital camera and did not load all the step-by-step pictures that I painstakingly took during the process. 

First is the crayon Monogram Letter. 

Mr. ST's and my future niece's name will be Gabriella, so I made a G. It was inspired by the one here at Sugar Bananas.  I used almost 48 crayons, a 12x12 shadow box, hot glue gun, three pieces of 12 x12 scrapbook paper, my HotFix Tool and some crystals and a DIY fabric flower. 
LOVE these fabric flowers and I might just post next Monday on how to make them. :-)

Gabby's room will be pink and brown with butterflies, so I added the two butterflies and flower to pull the whole look together.

The onesies are for a girlfriend's baby shower.  I designed the invitations a few months ago.  It inspired me to try something new - applique on a onesie!!

I had seen various videos on the web about using a Cricut to cut fabric and then bonding the cut fabric to shirts, onsies, etc.  I was hooked and knew it would be amazing to do for shower gifts. 

If you want to know how I did it then send me a message and I'll email you the details. :-)


Friday, February 25, 2011

Goldilocks and the three Cites

I certainly understand how Goldilocks felt trying out alllll those beds.  The ceremony cite was beginning to look like a nightmare.  The Catholic Church could be considered our "too big bed" because they wanted so much money (you can read about it HERE )  So I began feverishly searching about the area for other ceremony sites.  Our guest list (which I'll post about soon) is what is dictating most some of our decisions.

I began digging around and used my BFF Google to locate some nondenominational chapels on the island. 

First up is Spray Beach Chapel.  Historic.  Romantic.  Intimate.  Perfect.  I had made several calls, gotten the form to reserve our date, checked about the price and the number of seats. 

                                                                                The windows were SO pretty....

Just like Goldilocks we trooped on to the next location.  Mr. ST was wary of this location because we were told it only seats 110 people.  The price was right - $300.  We would have to get our own minister, but they gave us a recommendation of someone if we didn't know anyone.  So we booked a "tour" to see the inside and see just how tight these 110 seats would be. 
Yuuuup this isn't going to work....
It was tight. Verrrrrrrrry tight.   I knew right away that Mr. ST was not happy.  There were plenty of issues with the place for us.  Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful.  Just not right for us.  I was dejected.  Where else would we go? What in the world would Goldilocks do?

I had made several calls to the other location on the island - The United Church of Surf City.  No one returned my calls.  On a whim I decided to call when we left the first location.  SCORE!  The winter caretaker answered and would be happy to show us around.  Toooooday.   DOUBLE SCORE!

Mr. ST and I drove the several blocks north on the island.  As soon as we pulled up we both had a great feeling.  It looked TWICE the size of the last place.... this could spell potential.

Please excuse Mr. ST's car mirror - I took it while leaning over him.  haha.

 After being escorted inside by this wonderful caretaker (seriously, he was sooooooooo nice) my heart beat just a tad bit faster.  It. Was. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. 

*excuse the hurricane wires running across the aisle.  The roof moved several inches a few winters ago, so they "secure" the roof to the foundation to prevent it from happening again.
There are juuuuust enough seats.  The aisle didn't give me the impression I would be walking 10,000 miles to get to Mr. ST.  The seats are a big odd, but odd is OK for us.  They are movie theatre style - each person gets a special seat just for their dupa only - with a fold-down seat.  I was in loooove. 

Excuse the organ with it's bed sheet.  The building is closed for the winter.

I turned around to check out Mr. ST's face - and he looked just as impressed and happy as I did - YAAAAAAYYY!!!  We were sold - so long as the details worked themselves out in our favor - and they did!  The price for this perfect-for-us-ceremony-cite = $150.00.  We would still need a minister and someone to play the organ/piano but the super awesome caretaker said he could give us some names.  There are also separate rooms for the groom and groomsmen to wait and the bride and bridesmaids to wait in until the ceremony starts.  This place had EVERYTHING on  my  our imaginary checklist.

It was a HUGE sigh of relief (I never realized how stressed out Goldilocks must have been through all that bed trying.).  I felt fantastic when we walked out.  I could tell Mr. ST was happy.  He hears nothing but the dollar signs ca-chinging in his head and this ca-chinging was right for our bill. 

Was it hard for you to find a ceremony site?  Did you do something to buck against what other people thought you should do? 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sticker shock... about Church

Hellllo hello.  We got a bit of snow yesterday.  After two 60+ degree days last week (where I made it a point to go walk on the beach both days!) it was very dissapointing to wake up to this slop on the ground.  This was my reaction when I realized I needed to help Mr. ST get his car out at 4:30 AM. 

We were both raised Catholic.  I went to 13 years of Catholic school (k-12).  He went to years of CCD.  We figured that natrually we would be expected to get married in a Catholic church and that's what we planned on. We budgeted for about $700-$900.  I became a member of the Catholic church over on the island (I am insisting on pictures on the beach).  We went a few times to mass there and put in a few envelopes.  We are by no means devout Catholics and religion has not played a large part in our relationship.  (I'd love to post a picture from my grades school days, but my mom has them all...booo)

Then I began dragging my feet about filling out the application.  (my first rant shall be that I have to APPLY to the church to be married.  Not like one of those fill this out to get your date kind of papers either.  It's an actual - you must APPLY to get married here and we have the right to tell you no - kind of papers.  How is an institution that does not know me and my fiance going to deny me the "right" to get married?  Mr. ST and I will be together for 8 years by the time we get married.  If I don't know everything about him by then, I really doubt some stranger will be able to tell me something new.) 

After I fumed for several days about the application I took a peak at the price... are you ready for this?  Just to be married in this Catholic Church.... $1500. 


If our application was accepted we would need to pay $1500 which would only cover the cost of the organist and "administration duties" so tips were not included.  After the normal alter servers, priest/deacon, and musicians got their tips we are looking at around $2000.  TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS.  To get married in a Church that I may or not actually want for myself?!?! 

I was so scared to tell Mr.ST.  I had originally petitioned to get married at the lighthouse.  He shot that one down.  So our only real option was the Catholic Church.  We didn't now anywhere else to go...Would I have to give up something in order to actually get married...?

So I worked up the courage annnnd told emailed him.  haha. 

Soooo...what to do now?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Roots

I'm a fourth generation American.  My Great-great grandfather and grandmother (on my mom's side) migrated from Poland around the WWII time.  They each chose to settle in the Pittsburgh Pa. area, met, got married and thus, started our American family tree.  I have pictures of all these generations.  I've been "up home" as we call it and have been in the house that my great-great grandfather built with his own hands out of large boulders from the ground.  As I got older I found it more and more fascinating to know this information and would begin bugging my grandparents for as much information as they could provide.  I was a family sponge. 

When extended family gathers I get asked questions about this family member or that one.  I was even given a coveted family painting of an idyllic winter farm scene from one of the old family farms (I LOVE this picture - I'm also the youngest family member to own one - yay me!) 

When I met Mr. ST he realized very quickly that family was important and that I like knowing about it.  My mother's side of the family is easy.  My dad not so much.  He was adopted at 18 months old and we do now know some of his birth family but there just isn't a great deal of information about them.  It's frustrating.  I'm working on collecting as much information as I can - I want to know who these people are! I share some of the same DNA with them. 

Enter Mr. ST.    He would KILL me if he knew I put this personal photo there.  But I lovvvve his cheesy smile.  That's his, "I just did something stupid/smart-ass like and you can't be mad at me when I smile like this face." And he's right. 

He's Irish, Polish and a bit of some other European ancesters (they lovingly refer to is as their "mut" family section).  His family isn't all that interested in their heritage.  I've asked before about where in Ireland or Poland they are one really knows.  Mr. ST is VERY proud he is Irish and St. Patrick's Day is a major holiday in our house. 

                                           Personal photo - Sorry for my scary smile...not sure?

 Anywho - Mr. ST was recently talking to a cousin and they began joking about wearing kilts to the wedding.  I had a lightening bolt kind-of thought....


It was BRILLIANT!  I would research Mr. ST's family crest and kilt/tartan pattern and present him with this new information and strongly encourage him to wear the kilt on the wedding day.  There is something SO sexy about a man in a kilt.  Not a skirt, but a kilt.  And he could change into pants for the reception, but the kilt would be Oh-So-Swoon-Worthy during the ceremony.  *Think* about those fabulous white dress, Mr. ST in his sexy kilt....Swaaaah-Ooooon.

So I'm going to begin this research.  I'm going to start slow and see where this takes me. I'm going to become a part of this family and I want to know who they are and what they are about.

Do you know about your family history?  Have you ever done research?  Any suggestions on where I should start? 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Good Title Here

Mr. ST and I are very happy together.  Duh.  We're engaged - you'd guess we must be happy together. 
                                                                 personal photo

We aren't getting married until 2012 - and the end of 2012 to boot.  I was a plannnnnning FREAK when we first got engaged. I immediately sat down with Mr. ST and a calendar and we began discussing dates.  I pushed for fall of 2011.  BUT since I had no job prospects and we just bought a house Mr.ST gently reminded me that 2011 would not work because our bank account was rather dry (stupid house - haha I kid, I kid house - love you).

 So I was momentarily crushed when I realized I would have to wait just a bit over two years for us to get married.  Howwwwwever, We are now at the 20-months-to-go-mark and I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed about some of the DIY projects I plan on attempting. 

BUT the point of this whole post is to relish in the fact that I am, incandecently happy with Mr. ST.  It's the simple things: 
  • he makes me laugh.  After 6 years of being together, he still makes me laugh from the bottom of my belly. 
  • we work well together.  Chores are more my responsibility around the house because I don't work anywhere near as many hours, but we still do things together. 
  • We snuggle.  EVERY DAY.  We try to cuddle/snuggle together for at least a few minutes every single day. 
  • he seems honestly interested in my craft affair - he at least encourages me to make things for other people and to enter my crafts/things into contests and to sell them
  • we work on wedding related things together. At least once a week we try to iron out a few more details and work on our vision.
  • I stil love him.  LIKE CRAZY.  I look at him and still get butterflies.
  • I miss him when he works doubles/overnights.  I miss him for instance tonight.  I hate sleeping in the bed by myself. 
Well I've gushed enough.  I've smiled through most of this post too.  <3

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skipping a Beat


I had my first bride panic moment. Nothing major - no shallow breathing, cold sweat, or dizziness - but a moment of pure, blood chilling, my stomach lurched bridal panic. What induced this you ask? Watching a silly dress show on WE tv. As I think about it now I'm not even sure what I was panicking about...up. No real idea.

I tend to get very stressed about weddings. I wasn't a real fan of them even until a few years ago. I always seemed to get sick right in time for someone else's big day. Mr. ST's sister got married two years ago. I wasn't asked to be in the wedding party but was around to be a larger helped the day of and run errands/fix tuxes/repair dresses. The night before I began showing signs of bronchitis - my usual go to sickness when I'm stressed and crazed. I was miserable at the reception because I felt so lousy. My point is that this has happened at most wedding to me. I was beginning to think I was allergic to weddings! I have a very good friend getting married in less than 60 days. While not in the bridal party I am reading at the ceremony. I have had the hardest time getting in touch with her - I am certain she is busy and has actual pressing matters at hand about her own day. Did this cause my panic?

I'm glad we have a long engagement because I plan to have everything ironed out and done waaaay before the actual big day. So this leaves me puzzled as to WHY the panic. Am I just crazy, or am I normal? Should I be experiencing this on occasion? *sigh* Maybe I just needed to vent. :-)

I also apologize for no funny pictures to entertain you. My crackberry won't let me upload any photos right now.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm a winner...not a weiner

I've said before I am a lucky person.  To recap, I've won a bachelorette party to NYC, and a home make-over from MaryKay. 

Just last night I got an email from my FAVORITE wedding website/blog/DIY place - Weddingbee!!!!  I had entered to win a $150 gift certificate to Blush Paperie by leaving a comment on what I would buy from the site.  Here is the have to go to page 3 to see my comment, but to help, this is what I said, " I am in LOVE - no OBSESSION over the Starfish design. It would complement our theme and venue perfectly."  This is a picture of the STDs that I first fell in love with .... you may start swooning now. 

But there are also Thank You cards that go along....

I could keep posting picture after picture of each piece from the site..

So yaaaaay me!  Now the tough part is actually deciding WHAT to buy.  I have been ogling over everything on BlushPaperie since I woke up this morning and saw the email that I won.  I feel like a ping pong ball - STDs, Thank Yous, Reception Stationary....ooooo ahhhhh oooohhhh. 

My advice - ENTER EVERYTHING YOU CAN! :-) Have you won anything?  Have you entered contests yet?  Have you been on Weddingbee?!?!