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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fighting Fonts

I'm sure you're not surprised to find out I want to DIY our invitation suite.  MOH N and I were at a bridal expo and I fell in LOVE with these beautiful pocket fold style invites in a light blue with starfish illustrations on the card and a tiny starfish on the band.... *sigh* ....until I asked how much they were.  The lady smiled and kindly told me TWELVE DOLLARS an invitation.  Exxxxcuse me?!?

                                                             Seriously, this was my face...

Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I realized I could probably make them.  The wheels started turning.  I went home and began researching pocket fold invitations in a beach theme:

                                                      Source Etsy seller moonlightstamper
Very pretty, but still out of budget at $7.00+ for all the pieces we would need.  Not gonna be able to do it.

                                                             Swoon over the details.
HAHAHAHAHA.  Aaaaamazing pieces of stationary, but again - way out of budget. Great inspiring ideas, fantastic quality, but not feasible.

This was more of what we were looking for, but again, no price listed means too expensive. 

So I started fooling around with Microsoft Word and came up with something that wasn't too shabby.  Mr. ST was mildly impressed and encouraged me to keep working on it.  We (and really, it was BOTH of us) began placing calls and finding out what the total cost would be for us to make these delightful stationary bundles.  We ran the numbers several times - a shocking $4.00 wiiiith postage.  Um, hello, YES!!!!

So I've been fiddling around on Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Publisher for the last three months trying to get some graphics/illustrations that I can live with.  I thiiiiink I may have finally done it.  I downloaded a great font from  I very proudly show it to Mr. ST last night.....

The darling Mr. ST Groomzilla doesn't like the way his name looks in the two fonts I gave him to choose from.  Exxxxxxcuse meeeeeee!?!?!?!  I have busted my butt making a mock-up for him and he doesn't like the font???  Then he tells me he doesn't like the traditional wording I picked.  Why can't I put our names up at the top? He says we're the important ones and should be at the top and first. 

                                                                  I was ANGRY
At his point my head spun around on my neck all Exorcist-style, I shoved the laptop off my lap, huffed and puffed at him about how much time I've spent doing these invitations, stormed into the bedroom and shut the door. 

After I calmed down, I realized that (I was right to be mad) and that maybe Groomzilla had a small point - we could be first.  I'm bucking against tradition in several aspects of the day, why can't our invitations follow along?

He sent me an email today with several of the fonts that he likes with the message.  "I hope I picked a font on here that you like too.  Don't be angry with anything I chose.  Love you very much."
Haha.  At least he is willing to help in the process now. 

Did you have invitation frustration?  Was it easy for you to find something in your budget?  Am I the only bride whose Groom has an opinion on every detail?????


K5 Becomes a Bride said...

I just posted on the invitations I designed :-) Dropped them in the mail on Tuesday! Such a relief. I, too, had sticker shock and as a graphic designer, there was no way I wasn't designing my own! :-)

GBR1980 said...

I love your inspiration for your invites. They will be gorgeous. But yes $12 an invite is ridiculous! I have not even begun to think of invites yet..oy vey!