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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Phinally a Photograper


Mr. ST and I met with another photographer, Dan, from Inlight Studios.  He was meeting us for a "dinner meeting" at the local Atlanta Bread.  I was excited about getting a soup and sandwich combo let alone getting to meet with an other photographer!!  You know you love those artisan meals too.

Anyway - We were a few minutes early for the meeting, and much to the JOY of Mr. ST Dan was already there!  I'm pretty sure Mr. ST would have hugged him for being earlier than us.  Punctuality is a big thing for Mr. St - which is hilarious because I'm NEVER on time.  haha.

We sat down and got started with the meeting right away.  From the first moment Dan started talking we were all very comfortable.  He was honest, funny, and had an answer for all my crazy, neurotic bride questions - "What happens if we have a major natural disaster and you get stuck in your house because of a giant tree that fell and your car was crushed by a crane trying to get the tree off your house, who will come to my wedding then?????"  Seriously the question I asked.  lol. Dan was relaxed and it made Mr. ST relaxed so he actually asked questions and was involved. 

We finally went and got some GREAT food.  I wanted to book Dan right then and there.  I kept looking at Mr. ST trying to send him messages with my mind that I was SUPER happy and wanted to book RIGHT NOW.  I guess my Jedi mind tricks need practice because Mr. ST didn't get it.  At ALL.  We finished eating and left. 

I wanted to see what Mr. ST thought before I waxed poetic.  I waited and waited....and waited.  He finally said, "I like him." 

That's it?????  I could hold it in no longer and let it alllll out.  I wanted to book right then.  We went home and discussed a bit more and decided we were happy and would book the following day.

SOOOOOOOOOOO - Photographer is finally on the DONE list.  YAY!!!  This is something that was very stressful for me and I wanted to book sooner rather than later.  I am SO glad it is done.

What was the ONE vendor you wanted booked right away?  Which vendor did you stress over the most?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time flies

So last I left you, it was our engage-iversary.  I had planned to make mini burritos for a late snack when Mr. ST got home. Well, during the day the doorbell rang - I had a delivery!

You can't see the card very well, but it says: "Thanks for saying YES"  - made my heart melt.  LOVE HIM.

They are sooooo pretty.  And I'm not a huge flower person either, but I loooove them.  And a week later and they still look the same.  The secret?  Change the water every two days and add a bit of sugar.  Keeps the flowers looking AMAZING. :-)

This last week was busy with last minute preparations for BFF and MOH NM's suprise baby shower.  I made the 40+ cupcake display.  It was hard work - especially hiding it all from her! I'll have a post about more of the fabulous baby things later. ;-)

Even one of the dogs got in on the fun. He is a silllly puppy wearing the soon to be here baby SM's tutu.  He did kinda like wearing it.  haha.  
 He's also here to help me share a VERY big surprise that I've been DYING TO SHARE WITH YOU!!!


 I'll be starting a full-time job for this coming school year.  I am beyond excited and nervous and everything else in between.  It's been an AMAZING week so far.  So I appologize now if the blog posts are few in the next few weeks - I'll be starting a new job, in a new district with alllll new curriculum - so it's going to be a big adjustment. It's so nice to know I won't be on unemployment any longer, and the most important thing: it's going to make wedding planning JUST a tad bit more fun because money won't be as big ( but still a tiny bit) of a worry now. :-) Hope everyone else is enjoying the end of summer!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Engage-iversary = Wood

365 days ago, Mr. ST came home from work and asked me to marry him while I was making a burrito. 

It's been a fabulous year of planning, fighting, learning, growing, and falling more in love with each other.  We don't have any super special plans and Mr. ST is stuck at work late for some training and won't be home till after 8 pm tonight.  I am going to make us some small burrito snack tonight to celebrate. :-)  BUT he has an extra day off this weekend, so we'll be spending it doing some major yard work.  haha.  Ya us!

I did get a surprise "gift" today.  When I got up, THIS was in my backyard:

See that shed?  It was just built.  I had asked the builder if I could have the scraps of wood he would normally throw away - I explained I craft and could use them for cakes, diaper cakes, crafting in general - He was happy to oblige when the job was done. YAY FREE WOOD!!!

These are two of the largest sheets of ply-wood.  You can see they are as tall as my kitchen table.

More ply-wood!  It's various shapes and sizes. 

I cannot wait to turn these into letters, signs, gifts, etc.  That pile is about three feet high too. YAY!!

And last, the ply-wood scraps - but most are still very large pieces.  SO excited to think of all the FABULOUS-NESS that can be made.  Mr. ST can't be mad because this was all FREE!  I looooove free crafting supplies!

Did you have an Engage-iversary?  How did you spend it?  Any ideas for me to surprise Mr. ST??

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photography Phrustations Part 2

Mr. ST and I met with a photographer.  She was recommended to us by BM TBG.  PhotogR was the photographer at TBG's wedding back in April.  I knew I liked PhotogR's style of photography so I emailed her to set up an appointment.

Several emails later we settled on a date, place, and time.  We would be meeting off the Parkway (major highway in Jersey) about half-way between our respective places.  No worries - Starbucks means I get to appease my major coffee fix. 

Mr. ST and I left with a small cushion in case we got lost.  We arrived about 10 minutes ahead of schedule.  No big deal.  We checked out the place, didn't see PhotogR, so we got breakfast and coffee and waited. 

Then we waited some more. 

Finally, 13 minutes late (yes, 13, Mr. ST kept track), PhotogR came in to Starbucks.  She threw her multiple bags down, made a small introduction, then ran over to the counter for a coffee.  I could sense that Mr. ST was not a happy Groomzilla. 

I smoothed out my sundress and waited with a smile.  I'm willing to let people be late because they were lost, it's not a great impression and something I won't forget, but I understand that it was a new location for both parties.  PhotogR comes back to our table, pulls out a few sample albums, and begins to chat with us about album options, pricing, and shows us all these album cover options.

Hold on just a minute.  When the multitude of emails went around, I had expressed that Mr. ST and I were interested in services for the day - that albums would come later - we didn't need to hear those options first. But she kept going.  And going.  I politely reminded her we were not interested in albums up front, but were glad to see her work.  I also reminded her that we had seen her first hand in action.  She continued to show us more album options.  After reminding her three times that we could discuss it later I could REALLY tell that Mr. ST was no longer interested. 

I asked all my usual questions and I did like her personality.  It would be an interesting discussion on the way home.  We finished up the meeting and got back in the car.  Neither one of us said anything for a while.  I could tell how Mr. ST felt about her, so I asked.   He didn't like that she was late with not phone call, he didn't like that she didn't listen to what we wanted, that she was "scattered brained" with all her things. 

He was right.  So we went home, I sent an email thanking her, and told her we would be in touch. 

We've got ONE MORE appointment made.  I've gotten a few more numbers and will contact that if need be.  I've got my fingers crossed this next one will work out!!

Did you have a hard time when you interviewed vendors?  Were you able to choose the first one you met with?  Any advice for helping us decide?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Whaaat a Weekend

It was a busy one again in the ST. House.  Mr. ST and I are still slowly working on the invites - cut, fold, crease, cut, fold, crease, cut, fold, crease.  It makes my fingers tired just writing it again.  I know these will be well worth it.  They are what we want and we are VERY happy with them.  We have the time - we are going to take advantage of it!

Bridesmaid TBG stopped by on Saturday night to help our with the Cut, Fold, Crease Routine.  We got about 50 pocketfolds done - we also gabbed away for several hours so that's a big accomplishment for us.

I made another crayon monogram for a baby shower.  I love making them.  If any of you lovely readers out there want one - I'd be happy to discuss it with you! Send me an email!

There was beautiful sunset that I saw while walking in the park.

This Giant 2' x 4 ' canvas is getting a make-over.  I found it in the thrift store for only $3.00.  SCORE!

I also want to reach out to any of you crafty ladies (gentlemen?) out there!  A very good Blogging friend, Kira from Her New Leaf is hosting a Craft Challenge!!!  She did another one a while back back and I was SO jealous because I wanted to join in the fun.  So go check this out and send her an email to join !!!

Finally, something to share - I received an email from Diane @ Simply Bridal - an online dress store.
Simply Bridal is an online wedding dress store, selling 100% handmade, customized to fit dresses. They're giving away a free wedding dress every day for a month!

Promotion Details:
-  Enter in Simply Bridal's DAILY Dress Giveaway from Aug 8 - Sept 8 HERE
-  Tell us your Name, Email Address, and Zip Code to Enter - That's All!
-  No purchase is necessary to enter our giveaway!
- Don't forget to 'like' the Facebook page so that you can see who won each week.
More details about our promotion can be found in this press release:

I just wanted to share - I'm going to enter, see what happens.  I'm not being paid for sharing that or getting any compensation for it - I just wanted to see if I could help someone I know win a dress!!

How was your weekend?  Were you busy?  Did you get to relax?  We've got another craft day coming up this week! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh no! Missing Invitations...

Alternate title:  Why Mr. ST is so amazing and surprises me daily.

Don't get me wrong, the invitations are not here.  They are not in our house.  They aren't exactly "missing" either.  Mr. ST and I labored over cutting again last night.  I am up to about 20 pocketfolds an hour - using only scissors.  The to-be-cut piles still looked so large!  I was grumbling about it when we went to bed last night.

When I woke up this morning - the GIANT paper cutter and all the invitation envelopes were missing! Of course the stinkin' pocketfolds were still on the table.  Evil thieves took the easy part and left me the tough job!!! ARHG!
YES!! These giant manila envelopes were all missing. 

I texted Mr. ST  - he explained that he took them to work with him.  phhhheeeewww - SAY WHAT?!?!.   He is working a double, then is off for 12, then on again for 16.  During some of his downtime he said he would set himself up to get more of the cutting done.  Yes, you read that right ladies.  He voluntarily took the paper cutter and bulging manila envelopes to cut more items for us.

Sometimes, when I least expect it he surprises me in the most wonderful ways!! Now if I could only get him to be eager to cut the pocketfolds too.... ;-)

See - how can you NOT love that face?!?!?!  Has your groom surprised you and taken responsibility of any tasks?

Welcome to all the new Weddingbee readers too!! If I'm not following your blog make sure you leave it in the comments so I know to go there!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not forget to go comment on this link for us.  We are still in the contest and need more comments!  PLEASE!!!! Mr. ST and I appreciate it!! :-)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Invitation Race

Mr. ST got all the invites, inserts, tags, and pocketfolds printed this week.  We finally settled in tonight to start cutting them. 

Well, when I say we, I mean Mr. ST. 

While I was busy doing this:

I made a trial batch of homemade pickles.  haha. I apologize now for anyone that gets an invite in the future and it's scented like garlic and dill.  I washed my hands thoroughly, but garlic is so pesky on skin.

But back to the invites - This is what our kitchen table looks like:
Several inches high stacks of paper.  In various colors.  With several paper cutters. 

Mr. ST even made this AMAZING template that we printed on the pocketfolds so that we don't have to mark them up with pencil and score marks.  He is AMAZING sometimes. 
I finally settled in to cut all the tags for the front of the pocketfolds and wouldn't you know, the silly blade on the paper cutter was all banged up from all the trials we had done.  AGHR!
These are the envelopes that Mr. ST labeled to help us keep all the items organized.  I've invited a few bridesmaids over this weekend to help with this amazing cause. :-)

We made a very small dent, but the invitations that we worked so hard on for all this time are beginning to take shape.  It means we are getting closer and closer to an wedding day!!!! Oh, and if you want the PDF file for the pocketfolds, let me know and I'll email it to you. 

And one last thing, Mr. ST and I are still in the contest for our videography.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to this link and leave a comment PLEASE GO COMMENT We really need to win this to have videography at our wedding.  You're the best!!! :-)

Did you tackle a DIY that took tons of time?  What the result worth it in the end?