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Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh my

I'm being a bad blogger.   I'm just going to give a hint as to what the last few days have been like...

Friend LC got here.  She brought her Yorkie.

Yorkie peed allll over my sweatshirt.  Peel off shirt and put in washer right away trying to be proactive.

A few minutes go by and I realize... hmph, where is my cellll phone...???

Run frantically to washer and retrieve swiiiimming phone from washer.

Put it in rice for three days.

Still definitely dead. :-( (mayyyybe there is an IPhone in my future... that was also Blackberry number 4.  Yes 4.)

Play card game with Mr. ST and some of his friends that night.  Lose every had for the first 5 times.  Drown in all the beer I must finish.  Give LC her bridesmaid card.  Lots of hugs.

Drunkenly clean the bathroom at 1 am. (I thought it was a SUPER good idea and I was extremely chatty so Mr. ST thought it would be a great way to keep me busy so he could go to sleep.)

Hungover and attend Mr. ST's family Easter.  Burn hand on oven trying to help cook. 

That's been an up and down 36ish type hours.  We are planning to go to the beach today and make some sand crafts and possibly going to see some wedding dresses.  Hope everyone had a better weekend. 


AlwaysWright said...

Cleaning the bathroom at 1am my goodness. Going to the beach today sounds much more fun ;)

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

oh no! i'm sorry you've had a crappy couple of days, but i'm glad that LC was happy to be your BM :)

GBR1980 said...

Oy yoy yoy, you poor thing! Sounds like you had an eventuful 36 sure to take care of that burn! Did you get a new phone..I'm sorry that happened to you.