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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Funday Quilt and Easter Wrap-up

So I've been a bit light on the postings this week.  It was spring break and you all heard about the drama when bridesmaid LC came to visit (dog pee + cell phone + washing machine = too much drama). Plus I had an unscheduled AMAZING craft-outside-weather-day and painted my wedding shoes which turned out AWESOME. 

I finished some last minute Easter crafts, and I've also been busy finishing up craft projects for my FSIL's baby shower this coming weekend.  So here they are:

Up first, some mixed media Easter bunting and fleece PEEPS! I had seen the Fleece Peeps at Dandelions and Lace and decided I MUST do them for Easter gifts.  The first one turned out not so great, so it went to Matron on Honor NM's two huskies (who I love sosososososo much). 

This is Bandit.  He's my favorite.  Kiera would not sit still long enough for me to take a picture.
 He was enjoying the bunny.  It's hard to see, but it was a hot mess of a bunny.  Yuck.
 After some adjustments and various sewing techniques I got that little Peep done.  I only made two - one for my mom and one for my Grandmother. 
Next: the bunting.  It was easy - I used my Chick Peep template and the bunny one from Dana MADE it Both patterns here.  I added two plastic eggs that I covered with various materials. Then a paper fan and a saying I cut out with the trusty Cricut.
 These eggs were my favorite - covered with BUTTONS!!!

Onnnn to the Quilt.  This was a labor of love for my future niece.  I had started to knit a blanket and then scrapped the idea because it just wasn't good enough. So I was back to square one.  I was going through my stash, saw some of this material together and was inspired. 

I like when Quilts are three-dimensional.  Babies especially like this because it's like built-in toys to play with.  So I added fleece butterflies and crushed velvet yo-yo style flowers.
Finished quillllllt!!!
Close up of the yo-yo style flowers.  Mr. ST's mom gave me a large tin of buttons a few years ago.  They belonged to Mr. ST's Bachi (grandmother in polish) and he was SUPER close with her.  I decided to use the bottons on the flowers to share something of Bachi's with our future niece Gabby. 
Three dimensional butterflies.
I am very happy with the way it turned out.  I hope that my FSIL likes it too.  It's just the right size to go in the crib, plus it's pillow topped so it's UBER warm and snuggly. 

I just wanted to share one more craft - my mom made everyone Easter themed flower yo-yos.

I chose the one on the left - with the blue background and the light blueish button.  Good job Mom!!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter and Spring Break!!!


GBR1980 said...

Very fun crafts. The peeps are so cute and I love that you gave to your MOH's dog. I would have done the same and our dog would have ripped the stuffing out in about 1 minute flat. The button eggs came out awesome!

Saying I do said...

that is fantastic!! great job!