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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding...I know I know

I'm jumping on the proverbial horse-drawn carriage because I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF ANY LONGER. 

I could barely sleep last night.  The excitement was just buzzing through me. Mr. ST came home at 4:00 to find me still in bed.  He was shocked.  But a few minutes later I was out of bed and glued to the 'telly'.  I made myself some tea too. 

 Yes I really got up this early to watch all the shenanigans.  :-)

 The tea unfolds in the hot water... YUM!

It's rather delicious.  Mr. ST even joined me for a bit to oogle over all the hats and fascinators.  Kidding.  He did join me for about 10 minutes before he made some cheeky remark and went to bed. 

Ok, I'm going to just write....

The Dress Secret - I'm glad that it's been kept a secret.  It's special, I wouldn't want my future husband to know about it just because the media are nosy buggers.

The Avenue of Trees....I mean, really?  I see how it makes the Abbey more "rustic" and brings in a sense of "country garden" but it's sort of silly.  Then I think about how insistent I am about my centerpieces and I'm glad the couple have gone with this detail.

The Hats - Oh SWOON.  I wish hats were more popular in the states.  I love them.  I want to wear a fascinator every day.  The artistry, the drama, the colors, feathers, flowers, dangling bobs and ribbons. I could continue on and on.

William - He just arrived at the Abbey.  My first thought - wow he's balding something fierce.  Then I realized that was a bit 'naughty' to think like that.  He looks so calm, happy, and ready to begin his life with his love. Drooooool.  Swooooon. 

Carol Middleton - What a lovely mother of the bride.  Her greyish-blue outfit was stunning.  It was a designer that Princess Diana wore often.  Brought a small tear to my eye. 

The Queen - She's wearing YELLOW!  Go Queenie!  What a strong color for her to wear on this special day - so happy.  I hear that wearing pastels is "traditional" for wedding wear in England.

Tradition - To hear that Kate will not be using the 'obey' in her vows makes her all the more dear to me.  I understand the marriage is a union, but it's an equal union now.  I vaguely remember hearing what the vows are late last night, but I cannot recall now.

KATE!!! There are lace sleeeeeeeeeves. Oh, how delicate and lovely.  How slow the car is moving.  I would be so anxious to get there!  MOVE ALONG driver - I want to get married!!! She is so elegant and modest -two traits I have in small quantities.  I can almost hear the screaming and jolly good time across the pond.  The dainty tiara is perfect for her, and her hair is half up and half down - I wish she wore it all up!  Alexander McQueen!  Perfect. 

Oh....just lovely.  She is so beautiful, so timeless.  She is very Grace Kelly.  I am loving the GRIP she has on her daddy's hand.  All smiles - oh swoon.  Pippa is so beautiful too and in all white! 

I cannot wait to see William's face when he sees Kate... that's my favorite part of the wedding ceremony.  I do have to make it a point to make sure someone gets a picture of Mr. ST when I first step out.  It's such a lovely moment.  He didn't turn around!!!  Harry did, and made some cheeky remark I'm sure based on the smirk on his face.

Too much singing for me.  Get this ceremony started! From what I understand, the "you may now kiss the bride" is an American tradition.  There was some speculation that the couple would include it...I wonder.

Not gonna lie, I did cry just a wee bit when they said their vows.  So lovely. The crowd cheering outside was fabulous. 

Kate's brother is a fantastic reader.  His inflection and tone are magnificent and he is reading at a lovely speed too.  Just my two cents from an English teacher nerd.

I love the little looks they are giving each other and smiling.  They really and truly love each other.  SO SWEET. 

I've been speechless for the last hour.  It's been amazing to watch all this pomp and fan fair going about. I'm just waiting for the kiss on the balcony.  <3


spinningstars said...

I had so much fun watching the wedding, even though I dozed off a bit during the sermon...

AlwaysWright said...

I agree, she reminded me of Grace Kelly. Fair play to you getting up to watch it ;)
And you got not just one kiss on the balcony but two ;) They've just shown them in Prince Charles' blue Aston Martin to go back to Clarence House in and it looked fabulous and very 'normal'.

Carolina said...

i loved all that hats!! and kate's dress!!!STUNNING!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI/1piece by a young Mexican designer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

GBR1980 said...

It was a Beautiful wedding, I could only wish mine would be half of that! Go you for getting up to watch..I DVR'd it and was glued to the TV after work. I think I remember having dreams about the royal wedding last night!

Tracy said...

I woke up early to watch this also! And I have that same tea thing- how good is it?!