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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I KNOW What Town!! - Or why I hate Geography

I am by no means a geographer.  I don't do well reading maps and even with a GPS device I still get lost.   I have ZERO sense of direction.  I kept this deep, dark, humiliating secret for a long time.  I was very good at smiling blankly while rising panic would break me out into a cold sweat pretending I could mentally picture where locations were in my head. 

My dark secret erupted with Miami and the Golden Gate Bridge...

One night in Myrtle Beach, adults had been enjoying beverages, kids (there were 6 of us - and I say kids but I, being the oldest, was in college haha).  Jokes were flying, some adult mumbled, slurred, and bumbled his way through San Francisco.  Everyone began laughing, there were jokes and jokes.  A while later someone asked a questions about the where the Golden Gate Bridge was located.  I was try to be clever/quick/smart ass-like (another not strong suit of mine) so I blurted out MIAMI!  Everyone stopped.  The room got quiet and everyone just stared.  Then the cracks started to about my lack of geography knowledge. 

The second great incident came one time at home with my mom.  There was a bad storm coming up the east coast.  She said it was by the mountains in the Carolinas/Virginia.  I reply, "Oh the Rockies..."  My mom just stared at me.  Noooo she said.  The Appalacians.  I fail. 

Why all this back story? 

Because I'm paranoid about knowing where a place is and I make sure that I double, if not triple check an address so I am 100% sure. 

This leads me to this afternoon.  I sent Mr. ST the "first draft" of the invitation suite.  I asked him to proof-read them because I feared I spent too much time with them to spot any mistakes. Mr. ST replies right away, "There is a big mistake on the invitation itself."  SCCCCCRREEEEECH.  Say WHAT?!?!

Me: "Um...where?"  Mr.ST: "The church is not in X Town Beach.  It's in R Town Beach,"  I sighed dramatically.  Of all the things to bring up he really doubts I didn't look this address up repeatedly to make sure I was correct?  Commmmmon now. 
Me: "I understand that it is in RTown Beach.  I checked three, yes three separate websites and each said that the church address was in XTown Beach.  I understand that may not make sense, but three websites said it.  I also went to a map online and manually located the church to make sure I as correct,"  (I told you I'm paranoid now). 
Mr. ST: "It is by no means anywhere near XTown Beach.  That town is 100 blocks away.  The websites were wrong.  It is most certainly in RTownBeach."
We continued to scream at each other disagree over the phone about the location.  We agreed to disagree for the time being. Sigh.  I will just have to drive there tomorrow and open the map app (haha it rhymes) on my phone and get the address. 

ARGH.  Geography you are so MEAN to me. 

OH, and there is a Miami, California too!
Are you geographically challenged?  Do you have address fears?  Any funny stories to make me feel better?


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

Ok I have this HILARIOUS story to tell you regarding this!!!!

So one time Mathew and I were on our way to Dallas from Waco (Texas) and along the way we drove past Italy, Texas. I called my friend Alexa to just joke and say "I'm in Italy!" and when I told her that, she said "Well....*silence* BONJOUR THEN!" I have never laughed SO hard in my entire life. There isn't a week that goes by where I don't say "bonjour then!" to Mathew or his family jokingly.

Thought you'd get a kick out of that ;)

sandytoesbride said...

Super Puffy <3 that!!! It's so funny!! I would say something silly like that too if you called and said that to me!

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

yeah. i don't even think she realized she was speaking in french instead of italian. the good thing though about stuff like makes for good stories. embrace your lack of geography skillz ;)

Tracy said...

That's really funny! I used to date a guy that lived in Ireland and I thought it was attached to the rest of Europe. He was horrified when he had to explain it was an island lol.

Saying I do said...

Haha! well i'm not geography challeneged, but my fiance is. We have a motto "whichever way he thinks we should go....we go the opposite" 9 times out of 10, that works for us!

Ms. Lemon Puppy said...

I had a friend once ask me how you got the filling in the apple pie since there was the crust on top. I am sure I have said numerous stupid things too but I have mentally blocked them all.