Blogging my way through wedding planning, crafts, life and all the unexpected events in between.


The Dress- The Perfect Dress Salon

Denise (the owner) is amazing.  She was the only bridal consultant to actually listen to what I wanted.  She took in each and every word I said and miraculously produced a dress that had each detail!  It was meant to be!  I've gone in several times since finding my dress and Denise is always more than accommodating. 

The Florist - My Narcissus Florist

Owner - Ken Malagerie.  He is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Kenny listened to EVERYTHING I said.  He was patient and helped us clearly identify what we didn't want and didn't like so we could focus on what would best work for us.  He is budget conscious and puts up with my "Obsessive Detail Syndrome".  If you are looking for a florist in NJ - he is by far the way to go. 

The Photographer - Dan Ackerman - Inlight Studios

Dan had been great.  I have already had a million requests and Dan has been gractious enough to try and fullfill each and every one.  Dan was able to accomodate both myself and Mr. ST - our engagement shoot was done in a library (for me!) and outside (for Mr. ST).

The DJ - Eric - Plan it Perfect

Eric is another vendor that has put up with TONS of my crazy, type-A bridal shenanigans.  His company is amazing!!!  Not only is he going to "spin the tables" at our fabulous wedding celebration, but he's also going to provide some uplighting and other fancy add-ons.  The website in interactive so as we think of songs we want played at the wedding, we can add them right away.  It's an awesome feature! 

The Venue - Holiday Inn

The local Holiday Inn is where the party is happening!  Don't be afraid to look at big hotels - I know they may not be the 'romantic' or 'dreamy' venue that you imagined, but these places can hold a TON of people.  There are a few added benefits: no transportation for guests to and from the place to stay and the party; after-party in the local restuarant in the hotel; if someone gets tired, they can go take a nap and come back to the party! We were able to get lots of things added to the basic package to make it more "us".  Don't be afraid to ask and look!