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What About Me...?!?

I grew up crafting.  It runs in my blood.  The most unique part of the family crafting gene is that each of us is great at a different aspect of crafting.

I live in New Jersey.  Good ol' crafty me, Tony Soprano, The Jersey Shore cast, Bon Jovi... it's an eclectic mix here.  Jersey isn't that big so we all live by the "shore" but I'm really close.  5 miles close. 

I love this dress I made with material from Mood Fabric in NYC!

I've spent the last two years getting ready for our October 2012 wedding.  I'm still crafting away with all the crazy wedding ideas (they never seem to stop...) and you can see all the crafts HERE.

I'm still crafting other ideas and on occasion throw in a recipe or two for good measure (who doesn't love food????)
Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Take a look around.  Stay for a while.  :-) Life's better at the beach!

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