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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Funday PEEPS!

Everyone loves Peeps.  Even people who don't like candy still like Peeps.   They have been popping up everywhere in the crafty blog world.  I was certainly inspired and took a few ideas, added my own twist and here it is:

Peeps and Carrot Bunting!!!!  I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE.  I got the Peeps idea from here.  The site is great and offers a ton of ideas.  The carrots came from here, again another ammmmmazing site.  I made the peeps smaller than the tutorial - but that's what I preferred. 

I got an ingenious idea to make an OUTDOOR version using all found items in the house!! YAY ME!

Cereal box or other thin cardboard box.
Yellow shopping bags
craft glue
sharpie marker
Peep template

Making the template was the hardest part.  If I can get google docs to work, I'll upload one in a bit. Take the cereal box and cut it open.  You can get two large size bunnies from one box.

Template and bunny.
I had two cereal boxes, so I was able to cut 4 bunnies.
I took the plastic bag and cut open, cut off the handles and laid it flat.
 Originally, I did not paint the bunny yellow - but when he dried all the way, he was not as "yellow" as I could have liked, so I got out some paint and went to town painting a thin coat on the bunnies.

Take the cut plastic bag, apply a line of glue to the outer edge  of the YELLOW side of the bunny (face) and place it face-down on the yellow bag.  Cut around the outside to make 'flaps' that you will glue up around the back (not yellow) side.
Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the bunny along the outside.  Smooth it out with your finger.  then begin folding the flap in.  The plastic is very flex able and LOVES the glue.  You will be able to smoosh the flaps around a bit to make sure you have a tight seal from the front to back.
If you do get a section that has no available cardboard to glue to, apply a tiny bit of glue to the plastic then push it up onto the other plastic/cardboard.  It will stick. 
Back of the covered bunny. I overlapped strips to make sure the entire back was covered in plastic, but I forgot a picture.  I put all four bunnies aside to dry overnight (there was a ton of glue on them.)
I cut 18" strips of random ribbon I had and glued them to the back of the bunnies - one by the ears, one by the bottom.  (you can see how the back is also covered here) I turned them over and used the sharpie to draw on the eyes and nose. 

I took my four bunnies and tied them to the posts on my porch. 

Ta-Da!!  Recycled Peep Bunnies!!!!
If you have any questions about the tutorial don't hesitate to email me!  I'd love to see any photos of the ones you make!

All photos are personal.

I'll also post the tutorial for the wreath later this week. :-)


jacin {lovely little details} said...

wow these are so cute!!! nice work!

GBR1980 said...

AMAZING! What a very cute idea. I love peeps.

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

SO cute! i love it

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Way cute!

Tracy said...

so cute!! love this idea

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