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Friday, March 4, 2011

How We Met

I don't know why I never wrote this post earlier...  It's a bit long but I included as many pictures as I could dig out of the box. 

Mr. ST and I went to the same college. 


He was a year behind me (he LOVES to remind me that I am older...).   I knew him when he was a freshman - he lived in the building where I was a resident assistant.  I thought he was just like any other typical freshmen in college - nothing special and nothing I would waste my time on - I was a big bad sophomore and had my established group of friends and parties I attended.  Oh college. 

I wanted to place a picture of me as a freshman/sophomore, but they are buried in a box in the basement and I am lazy right now. Sorry. haha. You get a Sorority picture instead.
                                     That's me in the pink.  With the super white legs and the high kick. haha. Yay Greek Week.

As you can see, I was super involved in all sorts of organizations on campus: Orientation staff, leader in a freshmen welcome group, Resident Assistant, Sorority member, campus worker (I'm a type A personality can you tell?).

                                  Being a SUPER Resident Assistant. That's me in the middle.  Duh. 

 He became a resident assistant.   We had mutual friends.  I was dating a guy we shall call Mr. X - it was a terrible relationship that was off and on, but more off than on during my first three years at college.  Mr. ST. and I were involved in the same "circles" by doing things on campus.  For EXAMPLE - see below.  That's me sporting a Chanel inspired tweed suit I made and alllll the way to the right is Mr. ST in the maroon shirt up the steps - his face is sorta hidden by the balloons.  Like I said, I'm a type A.  He is a half type Aish.

During RA training the beginning of my senior year, in a rather witty moment, I wrote Mr. ST a "love-letter" that was very tongue-in-cheek, but also soaked in the truth.  I had a small secret crush.  He hung out with friends that I wasn't really into all the time - our social "circles" were very the same, but also very different.  Through the pushing and insistence of our mutual friend KS (and now bridesmaid) we began hanging out.  I was still off and on with Mr. X.  During my senior year I decided I had enough, Mr. poisonous X and I broke up for good. 

                          I know.  I'm mature.  Whatever. I thought this the best representation of the "new" me.

Almost immediately Mr. ST came into the picture because we were forced set-up by numerous friends.  There was a sorority party one night and I thought I played it smooth and flirted all night.  Mr. ST asked me for a ride home (I was the sober sister for the night).  We hopped into my car, and I asked him for directions to the house he was living in (he was no longer an RA and lived "off campus" oooo).  He proceeded to take me three houses down and across the street.  I pulled into a very popular fraternity's driveway and punched him in the arm. 

He was getting out of the car when magically, mutual friend (and now Bridesmaid) KS called.  Someone tipped her off that we left together.  She was calling to tell him to go back to my place with some lame-o story that his roommate had a girl over and he couldn't go in there. Mr. ST hands me the phone - KS is frantically begging demanding convincing me that I take Mr. ST back to my apartment.  Fine.  Whatever.  He's a dumb boy and I have a couch he can sleep on.  We go back to my place.  He was hungry.  So I made nachos. 

                                                    Kinda-sorta like this, but not really.
He said he didn't mind sleeping on the couch, but asked if we could snuggle..... Um, I'm pretty sure I swooned right there.  Gathering all my insides, I changed into PJ's, we crammed into my little twin bed. Right before I fell asleep, he asked if he could give me a kiss.  I was VERY nervous about this, being as I spent most of my time talking about how much I DIDN'T like him.  It. Was. Magnificent!!! 
Well Mr. ST never really left...literally.  I had a studio apartment to just myself, a fridge full of edible food, a clean bathroom and he asked if we could snuggle.  I was starting to slightly melt inside all the time.  We just clicked and it worked.  He knew enough about me at that point because we had been quasi-friends so there was no awkward getting to know you period.  He made me happy.  It was a very long time since I was really happy.  We've been together since February of 2005 - 6 years....and it doesn't feel at all like that long. 

To leave you - a picture montage of Mr. ST and I - which is a BIG deal because Mr. ST does not like his picture taken. 

Christmas of 2009
                                      Halloween 2010 - I was Queen Frostine from CandyLand

                                                                My birthday 2007
                                                             Our first New Years - 2006

                                                              Us in Cancun Mexico 08-09


futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

i love this post! thanks for sharing your cute story :)

GBR1980 said...

Great post! Very cute story of how you met! Definitely a keeper when he asked to snuggle on your couch..What a sweet gentleman.