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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Singin and Dancin

I love to sing and dance even though I am terrrrrrible at both.  Seriously, terrible enough that even former Idol judge Ms. Abdul would have something negative to say. 

                                                           Oh Paula, don't hate me...

It could stem from the fact that my mother let us watch musicals all the time (I "saw" Ule Brenner on broadway in The King and I when mom was pregnant with me- it's still a SUPER favorite to this day). 
My family likes is obsessed with The Sound of Music.  So much so that when it is on TV we all send out texts to each other and call each other when the Lonely Goat Herd Song is on the movie.  I maaay or may not have a stuffed goat that plays the song.  It also maaaay or may not be the ring tone on my mom's phone when I call. 
                                                                    High on a hill.....

Which brings me to the point: Mr. ST and I disagree about the singing and dancing part of our first dance.  I want to take dance lessons.  I want a semi-coreographed dance that will give a little surprise.  I want fun and funky, not frumpy and boring - all 7th grade dance style.  Kind of like the tango last night on Glee to a Prince song....omg, swoon.  Amazing. 


I'm not looking to sexy tango, but someeeething more than the bobbing around slow song oh-so-typical of weddings.  I know we have plenty of time until this becomes a must decide.  BUT I WANT MY WAY.  I have always wanted to take dance lessons and learn how to dance in a 'proper way'.  I'm going to keep working on Mr. ST.

Are you taking dance lessons for your wedding?  Have you ever taken them as a couple?  Any suggestions on how to convice Mr. ST that we should take lessons?!?!


AlwaysWright said...

I'm hoping to. I'm putting it on my list to enquire by the end of this week. What convinced Mr Wright was the thought of just standing still in the middle of the dance floor. lol

jacin {lovely little details} said...

we took 1 dance lesson and never even followed what we learned :)

futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

i can't believe you said the tango scene from glee! last night...i was TOTALLY thinking how that was SO HOT and how mathew and i needed to do something similar for our first dance. great minds think alike! ;)

just tell your man that it would mean a lot to you if you took the lessons. maybe suggest that you'll give him his fave candy or something if he goes?

Saying I do said...

I realllly wanted to and my FI actually did too..but it was just something that kept getting put off and I just don't know how we can fit it in beforehand...I suppose I have time to research a few places for a lesson or two. I think, if nothing else, it's a fun experience you two can share and laugh over. Something you'll have to look back on and say "remember when we took those dance classes?" If there's ever a time to do would be it. Nobody will make fun of him for's pretty typical for couples to do.

GBR1980 said...

We as well wanted to to plan to take them as well and it was something that Groomzilla was interested in doing too. We even asked my parents to just give us money or buy a gift card to put towards dance lessons last Christmas. We have just yet to register to take them but we still have time. I just worry that we may never get around to it..but we are both HORRIBLE dancers!! Just tell Mr. ST that it is something that is special to you and hopefull he will come around!