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Sunday, March 13, 2011


So I had mentioned heeeeere about wanting to post the pictures of the cards I am using to ask the girls to be part of my bridal party.  I was not able to do that yet.  I found out that my dearest friend (now bridesmaid )TM was sneaky.  SHE KNEW ABOUT MY BLOG.  Which meant posting the cards was a big:

It was no big deal she found the blog except I wanted to ask her using the card and she's got lawyer-ly skills that would have concluded that I had intentions of asking her.  I also wanted it to be a surprise when she got the actual card. 

SO I wanted to wait until after her wedding in April.  That wasn't working out for me! I asked TM and our friend CV to come over on Friday night.  We've been friends since about freshmen year at good ole Rowan University.  When they got there I could hardly control myself!!!  After about 20 minutes of gabbing and funny stories I busted out the cards.  Maid TM knew as soon as she saw it what was coming and ran around the table to hug me.  Maid CV was about 3 seconds behind. 
There was champagne.  And lots of hugs.  Eardrums might have been broken in the process too.  Mr. ST ran away to avoid the crushing hug he knew was coming.

YAY!!!!! They said yes, of course - duh.  CV, me and TM <3

And like the super organized almost bridezilla that I am, I put them to work RIGHT AWAY.  I bought over the summer (about two weeks after we got engaged) these sandcastle wind chimes.  They were 10 cents a piece so I was able to snag all 100 of them for $10.00.  STEAL.  DONE.  They have been sitting in the basement and I knew it would be an idea project for us that night.  So Mr. ST and TM's fiance went in the mancave basement and we settled down on the living room floor to cut cut cut. 

Hard at work CV on the left, TM on the right. .....getting a typical "lawyer-ly" face from TM.

We cut off the chimes and bagged most of them for trash (I of course kept 100 of them for the craft stash) and the small shells at the bottom will be used for something (maybe centerpieces/ BM bouquets????)
At the end of the night all 100 were cut and boxed nicely and put back in the basement.  Half of a project done.  YAY!  I'll share what these are going to be used for at a later date.  Now you get to enjoy a photo montage of Bridesmaids CV, TM and myself. <3

At CV's bachelorette party.  SO MUCH FUN.

At the Seaside boardwalk - before Jersey Shore made it crazy.

CV at her wedding.  Excuse the strange angle of my neck.

The three amigos at TM's bridal shower.

And I could NOT resist sharing this fabulous college memory from our senior year.  It's a pants off dance off waiting to happen.  <3 you girls.  Thanks for everything.  Cannot wait to ask you to help craft ridiculous amounts of things.  The cards will be posted sometime this week.  ;-)


futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

i love this post ;) i'm glad you got to ask your BMs to be in your wedding, and i love that you put them to work straight away! i wouldve done the same thing ;) haha

jacin {lovely little details} said...

yay, such an exciting time!!!

Ms. Lemon Puppy said...

So cute. Way to sent the ground rules by putting them to work right away.