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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holy...YAY ME!!!

So I stalk Weddingbee.  I'm sure most of you ladies do too.  I was super bumed when I missed the Christmas Card Swap.  I set my mind on making the Valentine's Day Swap and watched the boards to see when it was posted.  It went up, I signed up, crafted away and sent out my cards.  I got some KILLER cards in the mail too. 

I went on my merry way...until today.  I got a BBM (Blackberry Instant Message) from my darling friend T.  She said, "Your cards are featured on the Weddingbee V-Day Card Swap Post."

I literally dropped everything in my hands and logged on....HOLY FEATHER FIG they were there!

Click on the link and scroll down a bit until you see the tag SandyToes - the three cards on the washed out white-ish table - THEY ARE MINE!!! YAY ME!

And the one right below- I got that in the mail from this AMAZING girl Kirabee.  She rocks.  And the picture of the three cupcakes - I got one of those two. 

You Weddingbee girls are AMAZING.  <3 you all!!!


futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

aww i love your cards and the one you got! very cute!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Amazing :) Hope your planning is going fabulously too!! xo

Kira said...

Hey girl! I found you blog on the monthly post and wanted to let you know I'm looking through to get some inspiration for your bouquet charm!

GBR1980 said...

WOW awesome! Your cards were sooooo cute! Wow you are creative!!! I love!!!