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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bridesmaid Cards

Drum roll pleassssse! The Bridesmaid Card post is without further ado here!

I knew I wanted to give the girls a card when I asked them to be part of the wedding.  I had lofty ideas of making them jewelry also, but that got nixed when I realized I was not going to be able to contain myself and had to begin asking my friends. 

I went straight to the Cricut to make these cards.  I knew they would be special mementos and that cutting elements out with the Cricut would make them perfect. 
I started with the Cape Cod paper collection - it's beach-y colors.  It was also the closest to teal I could find in a pack.  Oh well.  I used the cream for the envelope, the darkest blue for the card base and the other three colors for the extras.  I also needed purple, but I had that in my stash.

I used the Life's a Beach, Tie the Knot, and Wild Card cartridges.  LOVE THEM.  Life' a Beach is certainly my favorite.

The rest of the supplies - paper cutter, scissors, and the Xyron sticker maker (a MUST HAVE)
I cut the envelope at fit to page size. 

Then did the same with the card.

I typed the saying up in Word.  I used the definition of a Friend, but I also added special elements for each girl - so number 4 might have said Goes on vacations with you or Leaves love plants for boys with you - you get it.  Number 6 was cut separate to be put on the inside with the question: will you be my bridesmaid (or matron of honor).

I ran EVERYTHING through the Xyron to make it a sticker. 

Placed the definition on the front with some shells - looks pretty inconspicuous. 

Then on the inside added number 6 and the question.  I also put a dress - nothing like what they will wear, but still - bridesmaids and dresses go hand in hand. 

I decorated each envelope with a shell and their first initial. 

It was not as time consuming as I thought it would be.  I didn't make all 7 at the same time though.  I've done one here and one there.  It was lovely and sweet.  I love watching the girls read the outside - they start to look at me funny - thinking, why am I getting a card like this, then they read the inside and everyone starts screaming. 

Did you make cards?  Did you do something special for your bridesmaids when you asked them?


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

what a cute idea! you're so creative :) i didn't do anything for my girls other than ask them. i wish i had though! i'll make it up to them in bridesmaid gifts on the big day :)

GBR1980 said...

I did do something like that for my girls. Made them a card and mailed them an adorable picture of us together. Yours came out beautiful!