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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bringing Bartering Back

There are plenty of details about the wedding that Mr. ST and I have not decided or necessarily agree upon.  No big deal.  However, when inspiration hits I will try my best to insist tell demand  convince Mr. ST that my idea is right perfect the only way amazing practical and we should go with it.  When bartering for something is involved - SIGN THIS GIRL UP!

I am very crafty.  I am also rather good with a sewing machine.  I got a call from a guy friend who needed help with repairing a pair of vintage, disco, corduroy pantsThe zipper was busted and there were some holes.  Hmmm: a minor challenge with the zipper - the holes, no problemo.  By minor challenge I mean, zippers are the end all be all of my existence.  I do not get along with them when sewing them into clothing.  If you are not this precise with what you are doing, bam! zipper doesn't work.  Boo.  Not really my style to be precise while sewing.

But I said bring 'em over.  WHY would I want to mess with vintage, disco, corduroy pants with a busted zipper.  Here's why:

FOUR BOXES for a total of 48 Mason Jars.  For Free.

The boxes may be moldy and the lids most likely no good - but can you say FREE WEDDING FAVORS CONTAINER?!?!?!

So I spent my Sunday night ripping out a vintage zipper and replacing it by hand.

 I think they turned out ok.  I know a black zipper on brown pants - oh well, you can't see it at all.  I'll know at the end of Tuesday if they lasted - he's wearing them to work for a decades dress-up day. Any who....

        But maaaaaason jarsssss for freeeeeeee!!!

Here's sort of what I have in mind for them:

Obviously not what I would do, but the concept is the same - salt water taffy in a pretty mason jar with some ribbon and a cute little label slapped on the front.  Easy to DIY, cheap (Mr. ST loves that) and I can bribe BMs into helping me put them all together - and they won't need to be a last minute project either.  YAY for bartering for FREE MASON JARS! <3


futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

that is awesome! i love the fact that you bartered! thats a great idea :)

GBR1980 said...

Way to go! I love mason jars, they are so cute. I also Love the salt water taffy idea..I love to eat salt water taffy too. Wonder if I could use something like that at my wedding. What about using some of the mason jars for extra flower arrangements like on gift table/place card table, outside cocktail tables etc.??

jacin {lovely little details} said...


i love this!!!!!! so so happy!!! :)