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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Funday CAKES!

I love to bake.  I love to cook.  I'm rather good at both.  Cake/cupcakes are valuable bribery for most people and especially for high school students.  I started baking cupcakes as rewards for exemplary things last year and of course would share with some of my other teacher friends.  They were always a hit, so I started getting orders.  Cakes are also a specialty of my grandmother and I have almost all her pans now. She would make a themed cake for EVERY birthday/event when we were growning up.  It's an inherited skill. 

For today's Monday Funday - The Confirmation Cake:

I made home-made Chocolate cake and filled my 10x15 pan. 

Then I made the CREAM CHEEEEEEEESE Frosting - soooo yummy.
 I cover an old box part to make the platform for the cake.
 I hand piped out 24 Butter Cream roses.
 Once the cake is cooled and "partially frozen/refrigerated" I carve it into the proper shape. For this cake, a cross.
 The cake is covered in a thin layer of frosting to prevent crumbs getting everywhere then covered again in the Cream Cheese Frooooosting to be nice and thick.
 Roses are placed on the cake and Butter Cream leaves are piped on.
 I piped on a star border to make it look pretty.

 The best part of making home-made cake mix is that there are sometimes leftover mix - so Mr. ST gets cupcakes. 

 I used the left over roses to decorate his cupcakes. 
 SO PRETTY.  Annnnnd I also fill the cupcakes with frosting - because they need to be better than the average cupcake.
 This Thomas the Train Cake was made for the same family a while back - didn't take any pictures other than the finished project. All carved by hand and hand iced.  PHEW! It was a bit time consuming.
 And I do NOT use fondant - yuck. 

Well I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend!!!  I had an amazing time with some amazing girls this weekend.  Have you ever made a designer cake?  Have you taken the classes? I want to, but I'm not sure I'll learn anything.  Are they worth it?


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

your cakes are so cute! i love them :) i've never taken a cake making class but i want to!

GBR1980 said...

Good God woman is there anything you don't do??!You are amazing! The cross cake came out beautiful!!

Ms. Meticulous said...

I have SO wanted to learn cake decorating. How fun! And what a yummy hobby to have!

Tracy said...

Wow so impressed by these cakes! I always try to learn decorating but I'm not so great at it. Maybe I should tkae the classes!