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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Funday

In order to keep myself "sane", grounded and somewhat wedding-free (har-har Mr. ST is laughing hysterically at that) I'm going to share things on Mondays that are not related to my wedding planning adventures. Wedding planning can be great, but sometimes it isn't all that - fun. So Funday Monday was born.

I had this great posting idea on a craft I recently made for my future niece (<3 Gabby) and another on onesies I made for an upcoming baby shower....

Howeeeever, yours truly recently cleaned the memory on my digital camera and did not load all the step-by-step pictures that I painstakingly took during the process. 

First is the crayon Monogram Letter. 

Mr. ST's and my future niece's name will be Gabriella, so I made a G. It was inspired by the one here at Sugar Bananas.  I used almost 48 crayons, a 12x12 shadow box, hot glue gun, three pieces of 12 x12 scrapbook paper, my HotFix Tool and some crystals and a DIY fabric flower. 
LOVE these fabric flowers and I might just post next Monday on how to make them. :-)

Gabby's room will be pink and brown with butterflies, so I added the two butterflies and flower to pull the whole look together.

The onesies are for a girlfriend's baby shower.  I designed the invitations a few months ago.  It inspired me to try something new - applique on a onesie!!

I had seen various videos on the web about using a Cricut to cut fabric and then bonding the cut fabric to shirts, onsies, etc.  I was hooked and knew it would be amazing to do for shower gifts. 

If you want to know how I did it then send me a message and I'll email you the details. :-)



GBR1980 said...

OMG those are gorgeous and adorable!! My sister in law just had a baby girl and I went crazy tonight buying clothes for her! They had so many cute dresses and I had to stop myself from puchasing this pink frilly prom dress looking thing for a newborn!! It was just too cute. I love the G crayon picture. Adorable!

Tracy said...

This is really cute! Creative!