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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Color Scheme

Weddings are defined more by color now, than the while dress the bride wears.  I was not necessarily a bride that knew right away what color scheme I wanted.  I wavered back and forth for a while between wanting traditional fall colors - bright yellow, dark orange, hunter greens, splashes of red and purple for the pop of color.  Like this wedding below:

My Favorite colors are purple and blue (odd combo I know).  But I am also a girl who loves her pink.  So I realized I was cheating my self by basing the wedding colors off of just traditional fall aspects.  I also wanted to incorporate the beach into the colors to help everything flow.  I began looking for inspiration:

                                                           Teal and Pink....almost

                                                     Teal and Tangerine... too Miami Dolphins

                                                           Very close, but no purple...

                                                                Juuuuuust about right but not exactly....

It seems the best I can do for my color inspiration is show you just how ahead of the fashion and trends I can really be.  I picked our color scheme (back in September of 2010) because it was what I liked best, it related to the beach, and it made me truly happy inside thinking of all the wonderful things that come in the colors.  I love the world of fashion and Pantone (a leading color company) puts out a report of the top color trends from the runways at fashion week.  The colors they are reporting are "hot and new" for 2011:

                                            Dark Teal, Phlox, Cedar and Nougat - or sand as I call it.

I know that honeysuckle is the color of the year, but from phlox on over - I'm in loooooove.  Perfect for the feel and look of our wedding.  Natural, but bold, elegant but still fun.  So excited!

Did you have any trouble deciding on your color scheme?  Was it easy to find inspiration?


jacin {lovely little details} said...

i changed my mind a few times but always gravitated back to it, so once my inspiration board was done, i stuck with it :)

GBR1980 said...

Some beautiful colors. I was not a fan of the teal and pink colors together. I do like the teal and seafoam green together, that is pretty and very beachy. I love the pholox color!

Saying I do said...

those colors are great! I decided on clover, cream and black pretty early on...I think I saw some inspiration boards with it and I was hooked!

♥ cheryl elisabeth said...

Hello from weddingbee!
I'm so excited to follow your journey :)

I love those colours!
Our primary colour was easy to choose - I wear blue basically every day, so it made sense that I would want to be surrounded by it. The 'accent' colour was a bit harder, but we ended up choosing orange. I'm still not sold on it, but my FI loves it!

Tracy said...

Doesn't that always happen? You decide something cool for the wedding and then suddenly you notice other people cop onto the trend!
Love the colors though! Am I boring if my favorite is Nougat? lol