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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday funday Mother's Day Crafts

I was a crazy busy crafter this week!  Yesterday was Mother's Day and I knew I wanted to create some fabulous gifts to celebrate the wonderful "moms" in my life.

I was on a roll with Painting Rugs  and Beaded Ruffle Necklaces so I stuck to those ideas for Mother's Day.

This rug is for Bubbles. 

This rug is for AnutK - yes I spelled that Anut.  She is Anut.

This rug is for my Granmother - the best green thumb around.  Serisously, she will pinch a piece off a plant and then get it to grow. 

This rug is for my Mom.  She and my Dad are avid bikers and take trips to bike paths around the US. (I knnnnnnnow, I know, the bikes are a bit wonky looking.  I was looking at a picture on my cell phone of their actual bikes...oops.  Note to self, make picture larger next time. lol.)

Now, for the hand beaded, ruffled necklaces.
First up is Bubbles:

This is Anut's necklace.

My Grandmother doesn't wear costume-type jewelry, so I skipped her on this project. 

Then my Mom's - orange and green.  Her favorite colors.

And while I was at it....I made one for myself.  I am an avid blue/teal clothes wearer so I naturally gravitated towards that color.  The white really set the teal/aqua color off. 
Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!!!

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