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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sharing the FUN

Hey hey!  It's been a bit quiet over at this here blog.  I've got good reasons.  I'll be sharing what's kept me so busy later.  Today's post is about sharing. 

Bridesmaid KS lives in California.  I miss her all the time.  She works for PacSun and is living this fabulous life in sunny Cali.  She's sorta-kinda famous now.  She's on the PacSun website because she is an associate buyer for the women's department.  You can see her here.  I told you she is super gorgeous (she has no idea either).  I loooove everything she picked.  My favorite are the honeycomb cork wedge heels.  <3. Annnd she is a rightful opponent in Words with Friends.  She's been my best competition so far! 

After all my excitement over KS and her aaaaah-mazingness, I got an email that made me super "SQUWWWEEEEEEE!"

Lauren Gerardi from BRIDES magazine sent me an email.  She found my blog from another bridal blog.  She asked me if I would be interested in care packages and writing reviews.

Here's the email: "I work at BRIDES in advertising and not sure if you’re interested or not but we have a program here where you can get some free fun stuff from BRIDES.  We send out quarterly care packages (sample products, gift certificates, etc.) and just ask for product feedback. Some of the stuff is really cute."

So of course, I emailed her back, told her I was super-head-over-heels-excited and interested.  I had to fill out a survey and I'd be set.  The survey was easy peasy and asked some bridal and non-bridal related questions.

Because I loooove all of you Brides-to-Be out there I asked if I could share this wealth with you.  Leave me your name and email  and blog link in the comments if you want me to pass it along to Lauren. 

And I've got a favor to ask.  Mr. ST and I are having a Memorial Day BBQ this weekend.  I'm fresh out of ideas for new foods to serve. There will be approximately 25-35 people here throughout the day.

Our Menu:
Burgers/hot dogs/sausages
Fresh Cut Veggies and dips
Chips, pretzels, etc.
pasta salad
potato salad
baked beans
Shrimp Ceviche
Ramen Cole Slaw
Rice Crispy Treats, Brownies and Cupcakes

 I'm tired of the same old standards.  I want something fresh and different. Help!!! What is your signature dish you take to BBQs?  Could you leave the recipe below?  You could also email me at THANKS!!! You guys are the BEST!!! <3


GBR1980 said...

I was wondering where you were! Lauren contacted me too..I was super pumped! Your menu sounds super delish!

Krystal said...

Hmmmm think I could qualified for the Brides stuff if I just got married ? I could give the products away on my blog.

AlwaysWright said...

Your BM is attractive and she works in Newport Beach, so jealous. Typical British person here, I fell in love with it and the rest of CA from watching The OC. You lucky thing getting to try all those wonderful things for free. Your rice crispy treats and brownies sound very yummy for your BBQ. But for the savoury bit (less fun to me lol) I roast some vegetables like onions, peppers and whatever else I like and then mix it into some cous-cous.

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

lauren contacted me last night too! i totally filled out that survey. :) and you're right, your bm is gorgeous!

Shoshanah said...

You can pass my info along too! My e-mail is and I'm at Thanks!!