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Monday, May 2, 2011

Ahhhhhh 42 42 42 42 42 and running into doors.

Hey all!

You're wondering why all the ahhhh over 42. It's my favorite number.  Tie with 13.  The combo of 13-42 or 42 -13 OR for real faves 10 - 42 or 10 - 13 is just ME.

Hence our wedding date of 10/13...duh.  No brainer for Mr. ST and I to choose that date. 

Annnnyways, I've been waiting to do a giveaway on my bloggy blog until I had 42 followers.  Soooo, I went on today to write a post about running into a glass door (I'm drafting it now. You'll pee yourself.  Promise.) and I saw I have 42 followers!  So YAY!!!

I'll figure out something super amazing and fabulous that I have crafted together for the giveaway later this week.  Keep checking back to see what day I post  it :-)

Now the story. You click this video and listen.  It's the perfect soundtrack for this story. 

MoH NM and her husband, GM KM live about a mile from our house.  We see them about three- four times a week.  We have dinner together at least once a week and MoH NM and I walk her two huskies most days. 

So she sent me a text and asked if we wanted to come to dinner on Friday.  Sure.  Sounds great, see you at 6:30. Nothing "special" about that.  We ate a delicious BBQ chicken dinner and after went outside to enjoy a fire pit.  Still, nothing out the ordinary or strange. 

I was rehashing all the details from the royal wedding over and over and was showing NM the picture of the second dress the Duchess had put on.  I was obviously tired (I'd been up since 4:30 am ) and it was getting a bit chilly so I put the hood up on my sweatshirt. 

GM KM was in and out of the house and kept forgetting to shut the glass door into the house from the sun room.  NM asked him to close it for the millionth time.  It was getting late and I needed to come home to finish up some last minute details for a baby shower the next day.  So I got up, folded the blanket I had on and cleaned up the bag of marshmallows (fire pits and smores are a MUST). 

We were all joking and talking about NM's pregnancy and that they will have two twin, red-headed girls that look just like their father.  I went up the deck, and opened the screen door to the sun room, walked through the dark sun room and while I was thinking, 'KM you are going to be in trouble because you left the slider open', I WALKED RIGHT INTO THE SLIDING GLASS DOOR at full speed. 

I bounced off and fell to the floor.  I knocked my glasses off and they flew across the room.  Everything was a little blurry from the tears immediately in my eyes.  Everyone was laughing.   They thought I was being funny and did it on purpose.  When I didn't get up (partly because I felt like I was swimming/partly because I knocked myself senseless) Mr. ST came to see if I was OK.  I was laughing and crying.  I couldn't believe I just walked into a door.  The two huskies came to lick the tears off my face.  Within minutes I had a softball size lump right on my hairline.  My knee was also puffing up and I had skinned it...on glass.  I also broke my toenail on my big toe. 

NM is a nurse, so she gave me a concussion test - I didn't pass.  I had an immediate headache and didn't feel good.  The lump on my head was getting worse, despite the ice on it.  Mr. ST took me home and tortured me to keep me up.  You can see from the picture below that I also skinned my scalp on a solid glass door.  It's red on either side of my part.  It's a fuzzy picture.

This is from last night.  It's scabbing now and is itches and throbs and I still have a slight headache.

So that was my Friday night.  

Why this song?  Mr. ST tells me I am special (there is no one else out there like me is his rationale).  When I told my mom what I did, she began singing, "You're so special, oh so special" to me.  It fits.  I am special. 

Then I had Mr. ST's sister, CG (my other MoH) baby shower on Saturday.  I was not a happy camper and I was in so much pain, on top of being exhausted.  It was not my finest hour.

Have you ever done anything special? Pleaseeeee tell I'm not really as special as all my family and friends think....please?!?!?!


AlwaysWright said...

Oh no how awful. Do you know one of the worst bits for me of your story is the broken toenail -ewwouch! Hope your headache gets better - if it doesn't go to your docs.

I've fallen down the stairs not once but quite a few times and fall up them more frequently so MrWright think I'm special and also blames my big feet.

I like the number 42 too, I always put that number down when I do the lottery.

GBR1980 said...

Oye! Glad you are okay. I think we have all walked into a glass door at one point in our lives. I remember I got up to pee in the middle of the night on our engagement weekend and walked smack into the glass bathroom door, I had a huge bump on my forehead the entire weekend!