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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flower Failure

One of the first things that Mr. ST and I did was meet with our florists.  It was a no brain-er that we would be using a good friend of Mr. STs.  Our total estimate for the flowers was $4000.00.  Yes.  FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS.  Now, I am aware it was an over estimate because that would be if we needed 25 tables because EVERY person invited would be attending.  I get it.  But still.  It hurts to look at that number. 

I'm not a "cut" flowers kind of person.  I love to garden and I love to grow flowers.  I CANNOT however bring myself to spend astronomical amounts of money on something that will wilt and die within HOURS. I was not hot to the idea of flowers for centerpieces, but could not think of something better.  I fear that with non-floral arrangements there is a feeling of something lacking - some element missing or the table appears too big.  I can never put my finger on it, but it always bugs me. 

                                                       These poor flowers...48 hours later

The flowers began to fail me when I began wavering on my bouquet style.  I'll lament about that soon enough in it's own post.  This weekend Mr. ST was in a wedding for good friends of ours.  She has beautiful flower centerpieces of hydrangeas, sunflowers and greenery.  They were wilting before the END OF THE DAY.  The ceremony and reception were all in the same space.  Long day, humidity, flowers are delicate...BUT THEY WERE WILTING.  And expensive.  Money was wilting on the tables....ARGH!!!!

Our centerpiece ideas started here:

                                                                        Very elegant

                                          Sooooo pretty. But get kinda expensive with the starfish...

                                                 The branches were a moment of delirium

Eventually we settled on combining these two pictures:

Take the pail from the bottom picture, with the grass and shells and add in the artichokes, sweet William, Japanese maple, gerbera, sea holly, hypericum.... all in those vibrant fall colors.  I would surround the pail with a few votives in sea glass colors, throw in some candles and call it a day.  But the price of these wonderful creations: $130 per table.   That's with our steep discount too.  Yikes.

Out shopping one day my mom and I came across smaller 7" pails, but they were a DOLLAR.  So I swiped all 10 that the store had.  I had cut off about 20 bucks each for 10 tables.  Awesome.  But not enough pails for the max 20 tables/centerpieces we may need.  UGH.  So I sent out an email and asked a few thrifty ladies to keep their eyes peeled for pails on the cheep.

Stay tuned for Flower Failure Part 2 later this week...


♥ cheryl elisabeth said...

I LOVE deals like that - Hope that you were able to find the rest!

GBR1980 said...

OO yes I do like the fishbowl with the pretty purple flower and the starfish but could see how it could get expensive. Oy Vey we have not met with a florist yet and I am scared of what they are going to tell me the cost is. I definitely want real flowers too. I was just at a beach themed wedding and they had a pretty blue candle vase as their centerpiece and also a large peice of coral to hold the table number. I was not over the moon about two seperate centerpieces but it was very beachy and cute, and then they just kind of threw some shells and beads around in the colors on the tables. It fit the theme. I do love the pail idea. Do you have a Hobby Lobby around you..I saw some pails in there not too long ago.

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

yeah it's crazy how flowers (and centerpieces in general) can be SO expensive! i am with you though on not being able to wrap your mind around such a hefty price. i like your ideas though! very cute!

AlwaysWright said...

I love it when flowers are in water.
Love the vibrant flowers you're planning on using.