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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7th Heaven and I'm in love.

Did you think I was talking about that 90's TV show? Barry Watson with his smoldering stare and the family with all those good values?  Not so much. 

I've got allll my bridesmaids!!!  I finally got the courage to ask the last, but certainly not least, bridesmaid this weekend.  Bridesmaid KM and I worked together during my first two years teaching.  It was not a great place, and we certainly bonded over all the "terribleness" that we endured.  Oddly enough, we became closer when I left that district for where I work now. 

It took me so long to ask KM because she is a mommy and not just for one amazing little boy, but for three very wonderful little kiddos.  Not to mention that she also got engaged a few months after Mr. ST and I.  I kept vacillating back and forth and chickened out on several occasions.  I just sucked it up and asked her when she was leaving our Memorial Day BBQ.  She was soooo excited.  There was lots of hugging.  It made me super happy. 

Bridesmaid KM and myself. 


GBR1980 said...

Yay Congrats! I bet that felt great to ask her and she was probably SUPER happy!!

Tracy said...

Glad you got your last BM! I was nervous to ask my last one as well, but she was super excited!I am sure she's thrilled ot be there for you!