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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Invitation Race

Mr. ST got all the invites, inserts, tags, and pocketfolds printed this week.  We finally settled in tonight to start cutting them. 

Well, when I say we, I mean Mr. ST. 

While I was busy doing this:

I made a trial batch of homemade pickles.  haha. I apologize now for anyone that gets an invite in the future and it's scented like garlic and dill.  I washed my hands thoroughly, but garlic is so pesky on skin.

But back to the invites - This is what our kitchen table looks like:
Several inches high stacks of paper.  In various colors.  With several paper cutters. 

Mr. ST even made this AMAZING template that we printed on the pocketfolds so that we don't have to mark them up with pencil and score marks.  He is AMAZING sometimes. 
I finally settled in to cut all the tags for the front of the pocketfolds and wouldn't you know, the silly blade on the paper cutter was all banged up from all the trials we had done.  AGHR!
These are the envelopes that Mr. ST labeled to help us keep all the items organized.  I've invited a few bridesmaids over this weekend to help with this amazing cause. :-)

We made a very small dent, but the invitations that we worked so hard on for all this time are beginning to take shape.  It means we are getting closer and closer to an wedding day!!!! Oh, and if you want the PDF file for the pocketfolds, let me know and I'll email it to you. 

And one last thing, Mr. ST and I are still in the contest for our videography.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to this link and leave a comment PLEASE GO COMMENT We really need to win this to have videography at our wedding.  You're the best!!! :-)

Did you tackle a DIY that took tons of time?  What the result worth it in the end?


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

you guys are awesome for attempting pocketfolds all by yourselves. i wish i had the guts to do that! we just have a belly band to hold all of our stuff.

Stacy said...

I'm happy you have a man who willing to help with these DIY projects. He's a keeper. Mine would look at me like I was crazy if I was to ask him to help with wedding projects.

Rachel said...

I am with you girl - spent about 6 hrs today doing invites... my hands are tired. Keep up the good work!

AlwaysWright said...

It was the invites for me that took time.
What are your colours btw? I had tiffany blue and it looks like your invitations are that colour.

Bride-onicles said...

OOO what fun, giving you guys lots of credit..I am still dreading the invitation project!! OYE VEY!