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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photography Phrustations Part 2

Mr. ST and I met with a photographer.  She was recommended to us by BM TBG.  PhotogR was the photographer at TBG's wedding back in April.  I knew I liked PhotogR's style of photography so I emailed her to set up an appointment.

Several emails later we settled on a date, place, and time.  We would be meeting off the Parkway (major highway in Jersey) about half-way between our respective places.  No worries - Starbucks means I get to appease my major coffee fix. 

Mr. ST and I left with a small cushion in case we got lost.  We arrived about 10 minutes ahead of schedule.  No big deal.  We checked out the place, didn't see PhotogR, so we got breakfast and coffee and waited. 

Then we waited some more. 

Finally, 13 minutes late (yes, 13, Mr. ST kept track), PhotogR came in to Starbucks.  She threw her multiple bags down, made a small introduction, then ran over to the counter for a coffee.  I could sense that Mr. ST was not a happy Groomzilla. 

I smoothed out my sundress and waited with a smile.  I'm willing to let people be late because they were lost, it's not a great impression and something I won't forget, but I understand that it was a new location for both parties.  PhotogR comes back to our table, pulls out a few sample albums, and begins to chat with us about album options, pricing, and shows us all these album cover options.

Hold on just a minute.  When the multitude of emails went around, I had expressed that Mr. ST and I were interested in services for the day - that albums would come later - we didn't need to hear those options first. But she kept going.  And going.  I politely reminded her we were not interested in albums up front, but were glad to see her work.  I also reminded her that we had seen her first hand in action.  She continued to show us more album options.  After reminding her three times that we could discuss it later I could REALLY tell that Mr. ST was no longer interested. 

I asked all my usual questions and I did like her personality.  It would be an interesting discussion on the way home.  We finished up the meeting and got back in the car.  Neither one of us said anything for a while.  I could tell how Mr. ST felt about her, so I asked.   He didn't like that she was late with not phone call, he didn't like that she didn't listen to what we wanted, that she was "scattered brained" with all her things. 

He was right.  So we went home, I sent an email thanking her, and told her we would be in touch. 

We've got ONE MORE appointment made.  I've gotten a few more numbers and will contact that if need be.  I've got my fingers crossed this next one will work out!!

Did you have a hard time when you interviewed vendors?  Were you able to choose the first one you met with?  Any advice for helping us decide?


Sharon said...

I feel like vendors should go out of their way to get your business. They should be on time, answer emails promptly, and most important make everything easy for you. I hate when people really try to sell me something, so this photographers push for the album would have turned me off. I am sure you will find someone who is perfect and professional for your big day.

Kathy said...

Never had any problems with Photography by Chester Simon.

Rachel said...

Sorry you guys are having such a tough time w/ the photog picking. Just wait until you find the right one before you sign a contract. I am sure there is someone out there that can give you what you want. We also decided not to do albums. I ended up by the Groupon for Photobook America and I think we will be able to do our album and a small one for each of our parents for under $200. Sorry I just can't do $600+ for an album :) Good luck!