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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Phinally a Photograper


Mr. ST and I met with another photographer, Dan, from Inlight Studios.  He was meeting us for a "dinner meeting" at the local Atlanta Bread.  I was excited about getting a soup and sandwich combo let alone getting to meet with an other photographer!!  You know you love those artisan meals too.

Anyway - We were a few minutes early for the meeting, and much to the JOY of Mr. ST Dan was already there!  I'm pretty sure Mr. ST would have hugged him for being earlier than us.  Punctuality is a big thing for Mr. St - which is hilarious because I'm NEVER on time.  haha.

We sat down and got started with the meeting right away.  From the first moment Dan started talking we were all very comfortable.  He was honest, funny, and had an answer for all my crazy, neurotic bride questions - "What happens if we have a major natural disaster and you get stuck in your house because of a giant tree that fell and your car was crushed by a crane trying to get the tree off your house, who will come to my wedding then?????"  Seriously the question I asked.  lol. Dan was relaxed and it made Mr. ST relaxed so he actually asked questions and was involved. 

We finally went and got some GREAT food.  I wanted to book Dan right then and there.  I kept looking at Mr. ST trying to send him messages with my mind that I was SUPER happy and wanted to book RIGHT NOW.  I guess my Jedi mind tricks need practice because Mr. ST didn't get it.  At ALL.  We finished eating and left. 

I wanted to see what Mr. ST thought before I waxed poetic.  I waited and waited....and waited.  He finally said, "I like him." 

That's it?????  I could hold it in no longer and let it alllll out.  I wanted to book right then.  We went home and discussed a bit more and decided we were happy and would book the following day.

SOOOOOOOOOOO - Photographer is finally on the DONE list.  YAY!!!  This is something that was very stressful for me and I wanted to book sooner rather than later.  I am SO glad it is done.

What was the ONE vendor you wanted booked right away?  Which vendor did you stress over the most?


Rachel said...

Congrats! It is such a relief when you get things checked off your "to do" list and when you feel comfortable with them... and paying them a good chunk of dough :) The photographer is definitely a big accomplishment.

Sharon said...

Congrats! I was so stressed when trying to decide on a photographer! These pictures are going to be the thing you have forever to remember your big day. It's a big deal! Glad you found someone you are comfortable with.

Bride-onicles said...

YAY Congrats! I think I stresed over our band the most because when I was originally calling them they kept telling me it was too early to book, I got disappointed and then found one we loved! So happy you found one that works for your two!!

Saying I do said...

congrats! Your photographer is def. sooo important. Honestly..I hate admitting this but our photographer decision was the one decision I didn't feel 100% over and if I could pick another one, I would have (but that's also because he lost 45 minutes worth of our pictures!) It's so good that you had such a good feeling about him!