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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Engage-iversary = Wood

365 days ago, Mr. ST came home from work and asked me to marry him while I was making a burrito. 

It's been a fabulous year of planning, fighting, learning, growing, and falling more in love with each other.  We don't have any super special plans and Mr. ST is stuck at work late for some training and won't be home till after 8 pm tonight.  I am going to make us some small burrito snack tonight to celebrate. :-)  BUT he has an extra day off this weekend, so we'll be spending it doing some major yard work.  haha.  Ya us!

I did get a surprise "gift" today.  When I got up, THIS was in my backyard:

See that shed?  It was just built.  I had asked the builder if I could have the scraps of wood he would normally throw away - I explained I craft and could use them for cakes, diaper cakes, crafting in general - He was happy to oblige when the job was done. YAY FREE WOOD!!!

These are two of the largest sheets of ply-wood.  You can see they are as tall as my kitchen table.

More ply-wood!  It's various shapes and sizes. 

I cannot wait to turn these into letters, signs, gifts, etc.  That pile is about three feet high too. YAY!!

And last, the ply-wood scraps - but most are still very large pieces.  SO excited to think of all the FABULOUS-NESS that can be made.  Mr. ST can't be mad because this was all FREE!  I looooove free crafting supplies!

Did you have an Engage-iversary?  How did you spend it?  Any ideas for me to surprise Mr. ST??


Bride-onicles said...

You go girl on the wood situation!!! SCORE!!! Congrats on the one year..we just had ours too and went to the beach for the weekend!! I love the suprise burritto idea!!!

Kira said...

How thrifty of him! (You've taught him well) No engage-iversary for me yet! ; )