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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sneak Peak....Flower Failure Part 3 or Why Candles are the Coolest

So we all know about Flower Failure Part 1 and of course, part 2 where Mr, ST and I decided to go against having flowers as part of the centerpieces.  Ohhhh, NOW you remember what I'm talking about?  I know I know, it's been a bit longer than you would have liked.  Have patience! 

I'm here to give you a teaser, a sneak peak, at what our centerpieces will look like.  I had to have a two darling, wonderful bridesmaids over to help with one element before the final product can be revealed.

Just about a year ago, I was in Christmas Tree Shop (A ++++ store if you have never been in one. OMG. Go now) with MOH NM.  We were perusing through the clearance summer section.  We came across some great votives.  Original price 1.99.  On clearance for .45.  Not a bad deal.  I hmmmed and haaaaummmed for a while in the section.  I figured, well, I could get about 30 of them for about 13.50 plus tax.  Not bad.  I could scatter them around the room...blah blah.  As I was standing there, the manager came over and said anything in the clearance section was now, 90% off.  Saaaay what?!?! Those same votives now became .05 cents!  SCORE.  MOH NM and I scooped up 200 of them in dark green and dark blue - same shades as most sea glass.  I would spend less, to have about 7 times more! 

The FOUR cases of votives.  Each "row" was stacked three high.  It was crazy.  How could I pass up that deal? 

I wasn't crazy about them so plain.  Soooo, BMs TG, and LC came over and we busted out the hot glue guns.
Votive + Jute + Hot Glue = matches my theme muuuuch better.

These little beauties now go 4 to a table with the lovely little jute all glued on.  I'm going to make you wait juuuuuust a but longer before I show you the final product of the centerpieces.  :-)

Did you DIY your centerpieces?  Did you get any good deals for things you just COULDN'T pass up?


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

wow! i can't believe you got such a steal! plus, they're so cute!

heidi :) said...

Just curious- where did you get the actual candles (I think I see a little votive in there)? We want bigger votives candles instead of tea lights... and we want a lot of them! Just don't want to pay much :)

Bride-onicles said...

I love the colors of those!! They match your theme/colors perfectly!!! What a bargain too!!

Sara said...

i love the romantic look of candles and you can reuse those the votive glass for years to come! great steal :-) we had two separate rooms for dinner and dancing (with tables in each) flowers for dining room and dancing in the conservatory was all candles, with some of the flowers moved over.

Tracy said...

5 cents?! That's amazing. The candlelight will look great scattered over the table.

Saying I do said...

What a great deal! they're so fantastic! Great find!