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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Three, Four, Five

Hey Hey! I'm gonna give you a three for one deal on the pictures today!  I was super busy yesterday with the Parental ST's being here.  Mom and I went thrift store shopping (I got some GREAT stuff I cannot WAIT to begin crafting).  Dad and I spent some quality time on the beach in the afternoon - I found a HUGE piece of dark blue sea glass.  I did a happy dance and all on the beach.  Dad then says, "ST, it's just glass.  Trash.  It's just some piece of dirty trash the ocean washed up."  Weeeeellllllll, exxxxxxccccuuuuuussssseeee ME!  It was like being 5 all over again.  I stuck out my tongue and continued to search and search as we walked along the beach.  I'll show him.  Trash.  Ha!

So June 3rd was HANDS.  I was stumped.  I tried taking pictures of my own hands.  CREEPY.
Mr. ST and I went out with bm and gm NM and her husband KM to a local watering hole or some late night snacks and refreshments.  I begged and everyone was on board for a picture there.

From the bottom, Mr. ST, me on the right, gm KM on the top, and bm NM on the left.  Kind of interesting I thought.  :-)  Love our friends.

Today's picture is clouds.  I took the picture one day early, because I couldn't pass up this shot.

Thought I was being artsy shmartsy with my clouds shot.

Tomorrow's shot is Breakfast Today.  Well, my breakfast is usually the same thing every day.  I'm not a big breakfast person (I don't eat meat, don't eat eggs, and can't stand a ton of milk)  so I'm stuck with fake milk and cereal most days.  Like yesterday, today, and tomorrow:

I usually eat some sort of Kashi-adult-type cereal during the week.  If I'm having breakfast on the weekend I let myself have a "treat" of sugary cereal.  I love fruit juice so I've got a glass of V8 Fusion to go with it.   YUMMY. I couldn't decide if I wanted to eat fruit with it, or wait till after my run and have a fruit smoothie.  Smoothie won.   :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Bride-onicles said...

I love finding sea glass..definitely NOT trash. I always loved collecting it as a kid, it was like finding gold. What a great clouds pic! And the pic of the juice made me crave fruit juice, I don't drink it often but when I do its sooo good!

Karena said...

Love your images, how fun! The sky is gorgeous!

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