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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Ring

I was looking back at some posts and realized I never wrote one about my ring.  Silly me.  I was too excited/nervous/shocked to take any good pictures for several months after it happened.  I figured after almost a year, I could probably steady my hand to take some shots.  <3

I had no idea a proposal was coming from Mr. ST.  Buuuuut, he is much sneakier than I give him credit for.  When I lived at my parent's house, I had an idea board full of pictures from magazines of things that inspired me, or that I eventually wanted to make.  On that board was a beautiful Tacori ring with it's gorgeous little hearts on the side.  I loved Tacori so much that I would buy things from the QVC line because those were the only pieces in my price range. 

All the rest of the jewelry I wear has hearts on it.  My ankle bracelet, toe ring, right hand ring - they all have hearts on them.  I knew that I would want an engagement ring with a heart on it.  I had by no means put the picture there as a statement to Mr. ST.  That picture was there LONG before I started dating him.  I knew I just wanted that ring.  Weeeeellll, sneaky sneaky Mr. ST took a picture of it on his cell phone.  He looked the ring up then had a heart attack when he saw the price. Instead, he realized I'm not one to follow the crowd or want something that everyone else has.  He knew I wanted a heart, but I didn't HAVE to have Tacori.  So he went to a jewelry and got a ring made. 

Please have patience with my cheesy photography skills and that still not so great shots of my ring. 

I tried my best to get as close as possible... you can see the band has the tiny heart on the side and all the swirly filigree work that I love so much.
 There are pave diamonds all around the center stone.
 It's perfect for my super skinny long fingers.  The ring is a size 4 and it's still a bit too big (it spins on my hand alllll the time - aggravates Mr. ST, but I'm OK with it.)
 Loooooooooooooove <3

So, did your fiance pull any surprised about the ring on you?  Did he know exactly what you wanted without you EVER saying a word?  Did he know your style?  Any good stories?  SHARE THEM!!!


The Reluctant Bride said...

Your ring is so beautiful! And your fiance was so good at figuring out exactly what you wanted! We actually went ring shopping together, but he bought the ring all on his own, and it was one that I had never seen or tried on before. Plus it was a total surprise when I finally got it over two months later!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love ring porn! Sweet proposal!

Saying I do said...

Such a pretty ring! I didn't know exactly what I wanted...but I knew what I didn't want. As long as Chris didn't go in those directions, i would be fine..and he did an amaaazign job picking out my ring, I love it so much!

LOL ring porn...

Bride-onicles said...

Its gorgeous! Groomzila did a great job picking out mine. MY BFF works at a very nice diamond company so he was able to work with her. I Had NO idea what he was picking out. I had sent him pictures of the styles I liked but they wer ALLLLL over the many different styles. I love what he went with!

AlwaysWright said...

So pretty. That's so sweet of him to take a sneaky pic and look it up, bless him.

Natasha said...

I love your ring :) It's so simple yet so beautiful... p.s. I'm still waiting for my ring... :)

Shardi said...

Your ring is so gorgeous! Like so unbelievably pretty! Thanks for sharing pics.

Tracy said...

Your ring is gorgeous! Mine knew what I wanted, I wasn't subtle about it haha. He also gets reallly annoyed when it spins around on my finger- he always leans over and fixes it!