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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crazy Train's been a tough couple of weeks around here.  After our last "disagreement" Mr. ST and I have been communicating much better.  Thank you everyone for your support.  Anut and Mom thank you for making fun of me to lighten the mood. 

In our zest of communication, we began looking at the ever beloved pocketfold invitations. You remember that I designed our invitations and gave you sneak peak.  It was time to sit down and really look at if pocketfolds were in our budget. 

I checked several sites:
Cards and Pockets
Paper and More

I was not happy with the prices I was seeing - we have a way to get the invites printed on the CHEAP.  It's the pockets that were going to cost us so much money.  We were looking at around $150.00 just for the pockets.  No envelopes, no postage.  Yikes.  I know it's SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than ordering them entire thing made, but still not enough savings for us.

Mr. ST happened to be talking to his sister (MOH CG) and she mentioned a store in Brick, NJ called The Paper Mill Superstore.  She mentioned that she got the baby announcements there and that the prices were fantastic.  So, Mr. ST and I checked it out today.  MOH CG certainly came through!  The prices were great.  But we've boarded The Crazy Train with good ol' Ozzy.  We will be MAKING our pocketfolds. No you did not read that wrong - we will be MAKING THE POCKETFOLDS OURSELVES.   A ream (250) sheets of 11x17 card stock paper will run us about $27.00.  A ream (250 sheets) of 8.5 x 11 paper will print ALL of our inserts and invites will run us about $15.00.  The envelopes for both the outside mailer and response will cost $30.00 - so a total of about $75.00 we can have all our paper and envelopes.  A-Mazing!!

I made sure to stress to Mr. ST that it will take an incredible amount of time and patience to put these pockets together.  I also stressed that I own all the tools to make this happen.  He is on board.  So, we did a test print on the paper to determine the colors we liked and will be buying the paper later this week.

Did you run into a surprise vendor you didn't know about?  Have you done your own invites and have any advice to give us? 


heidi :) said...

Awesome! I got my own paper as well... but I went with smaller pocketfolds. I mean they were 5x7" in the end... but I managed to use 8.5x11" paper. I'm proud of myself to squeeze so much into such little space! :) But it worked perfectly.
I used and she was really cool and personal with helping send samples and such.
I have no idea how I found her site, but I'm so glad I did. She had the perfect eggplant colored card stock for me!
Oh, and my man was incredibly helpful with invitations. It'll be a good bonding experience. Start early!!!!

Bride-onicles said...

WHOOO HOOO!! Thats awesome!!! SO glad you guys were able to find what you wanted at the price you were looking for!!