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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Funday Vinyl Crafting

My mom, aunt K and Marty came over today to have a full on crafting day.  We had TWO Cricuts going, some great Pride and Prejudice on the TV, snacks and craziness. 

There was plenty of busting on me for the last blog post.  Lost of talking in high pitched voices - cause that's how we make fun of each other.  There was also some dancing - the hustle, some thriller and some lame, stiff moon walking. 

The dueling Cricuts.

Aunt K has the new Expression 2... allegedly it's complicated.  And has a VERY tiny screen.
Who knows WHAT they are arguing about here...
Mom hard at work on her Jane Austen vinyl sign.
Marty got up to help...he's right there on the left, wandering into the rocking chair legs.
Those sisters... lol. Always nit-picking helping each other!
Aunt K's progress.  She is an expert in transfer tape for the vinyl.
Work in progress. 
Finished project!!
Mom's project had our last name on I didn't post that.   Here's what Marty spent his day doing after he exhausted himself helping mom.  

Testing the carpet out. 
Enjoying the couch.  Tough day for him. 

This is the project I made last week for the bridal shower I had this weekend.  This is what inspired our craft day today: Mr. ST's cousins are getting married this October.  I love this frame.  I would LOVE to do this as a giveaway....maybe for 60 followers hinnnnt hinnnt.  ;-)

All this crafting comes at a price.  When I was spray painting the frames yesterday - I cut my knee with the glass from the frames.  Ouch.

Hope you enjoyed our crazy, crafty, family day.  Did you do anything family related?  And yes Anut, you CAN comment to these questions!!!! You don't have to save your comments for in person.   


The Vintage Modern Bride said...

what a fun project! they turned out so well :)

Kira said...

Wow, the Cricut is one crafting tool that I truly have NO CLUE about! These chicks look like they know what they're doing!

Saying I do said...

those look amaaazing!!! and so great you had such wonderful helpers!

Kathy said...

When is the next crafting day? Summer is ending soon and some people need to get back to work!

Bride-onicles said...

OOO That looks like so much fun and the pup was such a big help! I love those signs..oh yea for a giveaway!! :)