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Friday, February 25, 2011

Goldilocks and the three Cites

I certainly understand how Goldilocks felt trying out alllll those beds.  The ceremony cite was beginning to look like a nightmare.  The Catholic Church could be considered our "too big bed" because they wanted so much money (you can read about it HERE )  So I began feverishly searching about the area for other ceremony sites.  Our guest list (which I'll post about soon) is what is dictating most some of our decisions.

I began digging around and used my BFF Google to locate some nondenominational chapels on the island. 

First up is Spray Beach Chapel.  Historic.  Romantic.  Intimate.  Perfect.  I had made several calls, gotten the form to reserve our date, checked about the price and the number of seats. 

                                                                                The windows were SO pretty....

Just like Goldilocks we trooped on to the next location.  Mr. ST was wary of this location because we were told it only seats 110 people.  The price was right - $300.  We would have to get our own minister, but they gave us a recommendation of someone if we didn't know anyone.  So we booked a "tour" to see the inside and see just how tight these 110 seats would be. 
Yuuuup this isn't going to work....
It was tight. Verrrrrrrrry tight.   I knew right away that Mr. ST was not happy.  There were plenty of issues with the place for us.  Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful.  Just not right for us.  I was dejected.  Where else would we go? What in the world would Goldilocks do?

I had made several calls to the other location on the island - The United Church of Surf City.  No one returned my calls.  On a whim I decided to call when we left the first location.  SCORE!  The winter caretaker answered and would be happy to show us around.  Toooooday.   DOUBLE SCORE!

Mr. ST and I drove the several blocks north on the island.  As soon as we pulled up we both had a great feeling.  It looked TWICE the size of the last place.... this could spell potential.

Please excuse Mr. ST's car mirror - I took it while leaning over him.  haha.

 After being escorted inside by this wonderful caretaker (seriously, he was sooooooooo nice) my heart beat just a tad bit faster.  It. Was. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. 

*excuse the hurricane wires running across the aisle.  The roof moved several inches a few winters ago, so they "secure" the roof to the foundation to prevent it from happening again.
There are juuuuust enough seats.  The aisle didn't give me the impression I would be walking 10,000 miles to get to Mr. ST.  The seats are a big odd, but odd is OK for us.  They are movie theatre style - each person gets a special seat just for their dupa only - with a fold-down seat.  I was in loooove. 

Excuse the organ with it's bed sheet.  The building is closed for the winter.

I turned around to check out Mr. ST's face - and he looked just as impressed and happy as I did - YAAAAAAYYY!!!  We were sold - so long as the details worked themselves out in our favor - and they did!  The price for this perfect-for-us-ceremony-cite = $150.00.  We would still need a minister and someone to play the organ/piano but the super awesome caretaker said he could give us some names.  There are also separate rooms for the groom and groomsmen to wait and the bride and bridesmaids to wait in until the ceremony starts.  This place had EVERYTHING on  my  our imaginary checklist.

It was a HUGE sigh of relief (I never realized how stressed out Goldilocks must have been through all that bed trying.).  I felt fantastic when we walked out.  I could tell Mr. ST was happy.  He hears nothing but the dollar signs ca-chinging in his head and this ca-chinging was right for our bill. 

Was it hard for you to find a ceremony site?  Did you do something to buck against what other people thought you should do? 


futuremrsmathewwolfe said...

i'm a new follower and i'm so glad you found a ceremony place that's just right for the two of you! great price and just enough seats...what more could a gal ask for!

GBR1980 said...

Looks great for you and definitely at the right price! We were lucky, our reception site had an outdoor ceremony location with a beautiful gazebo..they also offer a covered breezeway if the weather is not up to par. So happy you found your ceremoney will be gorgeous!!