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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skipping a Beat


I had my first bride panic moment. Nothing major - no shallow breathing, cold sweat, or dizziness - but a moment of pure, blood chilling, my stomach lurched bridal panic. What induced this you ask? Watching a silly dress show on WE tv. As I think about it now I'm not even sure what I was panicking about...up. No real idea.

I tend to get very stressed about weddings. I wasn't a real fan of them even until a few years ago. I always seemed to get sick right in time for someone else's big day. Mr. ST's sister got married two years ago. I wasn't asked to be in the wedding party but was around to be a larger helped the day of and run errands/fix tuxes/repair dresses. The night before I began showing signs of bronchitis - my usual go to sickness when I'm stressed and crazed. I was miserable at the reception because I felt so lousy. My point is that this has happened at most wedding to me. I was beginning to think I was allergic to weddings! I have a very good friend getting married in less than 60 days. While not in the bridal party I am reading at the ceremony. I have had the hardest time getting in touch with her - I am certain she is busy and has actual pressing matters at hand about her own day. Did this cause my panic?

I'm glad we have a long engagement because I plan to have everything ironed out and done waaaay before the actual big day. So this leaves me puzzled as to WHY the panic. Am I just crazy, or am I normal? Should I be experiencing this on occasion? *sigh* Maybe I just needed to vent. :-)

I also apologize for no funny pictures to entertain you. My crackberry won't let me upload any photos right now.


Married Away said...

I am the same way! I think I make myself sick right before any wedding I have to go to, I dont know why I do that to myself lol.

I hope I dont do it at our wedding though :D

We are in the middle of a long engagement and now we are about a year away and I'm starting to freak out a bit haha

GBR1980 said...

You are not strange at all! Our engagement was about 1.5 years and that was plenty of time but I immediately started panicing about all the details and everything it took to make it come together. We just have to realize that its ok to take it one thing at a time...we can't do everything all in one day!! Print off a time line list there are plenty on google and work from that..that way you don't get overwhelmed and just can focus on the tasks that are due that month, weeks leading up to the big day, etc.