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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bridal shows and expos

The ST house is still attending bridal shows.

Not at my request. 


Mr. ST made the request.  Why you ask?  GREAT question!!

A few months back (around March) I officially handed over the job of transportation to Mr. ST because he did not think I was getting good prices, or asking the right questions, or finding out enough about the cooler size on the limo bus.  Whatever.

I continually nagged  reminded him about his job of finding transportation.  We only need one limo bus, for three hours just for the bridal party to and from the ceremony and the reception.  That's IT. 

Here we are less than three months out and NO LIMO BUS.

We trekked up an hour north of our house to a lame, small, terrible show and there was only one company there. 

I made the suggestion that I would spend a day and call around and get a company.  He said no, let's go to this show on the 25th. 

Oh Groomzilla. 

Did you assign a task to your groom?  Did he get it done in time?  Is there hope for my Groomzilla? 

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