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Monday, December 13, 2010

One year and TEN months....

There is a standard clock on the wall in my favorite classroom.  On the left of the clock it says, "Time is passing..." On the right, "Are you?"  Time has certainly passed and much too quickly for me since August.  I don't know where the last four or so months have gone. 
I will admit that as far as checklists go the FH and I are doing well.  We have our reception hall booked and a deposit down.  I 'accidently' found my DREAM DRESS (many posts will follow about it (-: promise!).  I know what DIY project I want to do for my shoes.  I am planning on making our invitations/stationary suite (still trying to figure out Publisher enough to use it) and have drafted a few examples.  We have a rough idea about who we will want to ask to be in the wedding party outside of our family members.  We've narrowed down the DJ to two companies.  And I know what brand of bridesmaid dresses I want my girls to wear. 
I know that there are plenty of people out there saying that I have more than enough done...but I don't.   I love crafting, and want to DIY more projects, but I feel like I keep coming up with random stuff to make and it will look like garbage. 
But as for the rest of today, I'm going to savor the moment and enjoy it.  In one year and ten months - I'LL BE MARRIED!!!!

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